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Little steps you can take on a personal level to help save the planet:
* Reduce how much animal produce is in your diet (Try meatless Monday’s, going vegan or eating a plant-based diet)
* Invest in reusable products (metal water bottles, though they can be initially expensive they save money long term!, metal straws help reduce plastic going into the ocean, cloth tote bags)
* Conscious consumption,Shop second hand (charity shopping, depop etc), fast fashion not only exploits workers but many cheap garments are not recycled or given another life(often ending up in landfill) - try expand your clothing’s life
* Reduce your plastic use, try find other packaging options where possible, bamboo toothbrushes ] plastic toothbrushes, refuse plastic bags for fruit&veg (bring cloths and totes to wrap your loose produce) - look at how much plastic you use and see where you can make some changes!
* Repair rather than replace! More often than not it’s so much easier to replace broken items that could be easily fixed and used by you or someone else! 🌱🌍🌱🌍🌱🌍🌱🌍🌱🌍🌱 #climatechange #climatestrike #ukscn #hertfordshire #youthstrike4climate #earthday #greta #fridaysforfuture #ourplanet
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