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Reposted from @icaremvt - NASA Finds Evidence Humans Were Draining The Planet as Far Back as The 1900s⠀

We humans have been impacting our environment for longer than you might think: new NASA research shows human influence on drought can be traced as far back as the start of the 20th century, and continues to get stronger over time.⠀

Looking at data from soil, tree rings and climate models, researchers suggest the impact of greenhouse gas emissions would've started to affect drought and precipitation patterns back in 1900.⠀

While that's based on extrapolated data, the same model matches up with real-world data from the mid-20th century onwards.⠀

It's the first study to look at the historical link between emissions caused by humans and drought on a near global scale.⠀

And the bad news is that the situation is getting worse – the human "fingerprint" on the wet and dry cycles of our planet is getting ever-more noticeable, the scientists report ⠀

We have to end the destruction !

So what can you do?

Here are a few things :

Reduce your own carbon footprint by wasting less, eating less red meat and switching to renewable energy where possible.
Talk to your friends, colleges and family about climate change.
Tag someone and use climate change messages in your feed.
Like and comment on climate change messages to increase their reach.
Join a local group like #schoolstrike #extinctionrebellion #stopadani #fridaysforfuture #parentsforfuture
And most importantly,

Vote for the climate!

Do you care about the planet? 🌏

Tag someone who should see this! 🔊

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▶ Reposted from @animalequalityitalia - 🌍 Non ci sono più scuse, se non cambiamo le nostre abitudini il nostro...


Reposted from @animalequalityitalia - 🌍 Non ci sono più scuse, se non cambiamo le nostre abitudini il nostro pianeta dovrà affrontare una catastrofe. Le nostre scelte sono più potenti di quello che pensiamo e possono fare la differenza per gli animali e per il pianeta. Teniamo la sofferenza fuori dal nostro piatto!
💪 Tu cosa fai per aiutare il nostro pianeta?
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