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Es gibt keinen #Sinn des #Lebens, sondern 4:
1. Fortpflanzung, rot
2. Selbstverwirklichung, gelb
3. Bedürfnislosigkeit oder Sättigung, blau
4. Erleuchtung, weiß

Das sind alle 4 Arten vom Sinn des Lebens, die existieren.

There's no #meaning to #life, there's four:
1. reproduction, red
2. self-realization, yellow
3. needlessness or saturation, blue
4th enlightenment, white

That's all four kinds of meaning of life that exist.

Ou pas ?

Je trouve que ça méritait son post @Otyugh ;-)
I don’t agree. This is not #truths, it’s ideological stuff. #Capitalistl and self-centered ones I might add.

I personnaly would convert theses :
1. Everyone is going to die
2. There is no #meaning but the ones you were given by your environement and culture (and every human is major parts of >
culture/environement of the others humans), don’t judge people on their “loaded/empty” meaning of life just try to subtely change it if you feel they are hurting sombody else or themselves by theire beliefs
3. The perfect partner doesn’t exist. You don’t even have to have one. Juste do wathever feels right, there is no real urge ; the “national culture’” of completness should not be followed blindly (specifically the national culture), get a walk from it. There is no evidence you need the beautiful woman/boy, a job, a house, two car and a dog ; every people is different, get your own #goals.
4. #Life is a game. You don’t even have to find rules and win. Do wathever feels right and doesn’t makes other miserable.
5. Everytings ends, thats the 1/ part, this list is stupid.
6. Every meaning including romantic is relative, that’s the 2/, this list…
7. You need to change approache if it fails. Many people plans miserably, and saying doing it with “engineer mindset” won’t ever help. Keep it simple, stupid. That’s smart engineer mindset.
8. Figure a way or complain if you like. Wathever you feel right. Sometimes complaining is the way because you need other people to know they are in the same mess and work collectively instead of taking all by yourself.
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