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Is anyone interested in doing some open-source design work for this graph-fedi-thing I'm working on?

Anything from color choices and themeing to thinking and experimenting with UX would be very much appreciated.

Current (static) demo is here:

You can join the ongoing discussion here:

Code will probably be MIT licensed, DM or reply for access :)

#fediverse #activitypub #ux #design
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #diaspora, #fediverse, and #philosophy. Looking forward to have a great experience here!
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #diaspora, #fediverse, and #philosophy. Looking forward to have a great experience here!
@sl007 @eest9 @rhiaro @cwebber

The thread may be veering a bit off-topic, but I want to remind you of @darius conf video "Let's Play and Win Our Own Game".

We at #fediverse are not twitter. We need not model along twitter lines. We need not be as big as twitter, or FB or any FAMAG for that matter.

We are based on AS/AP open standards, and should continue our open-standards based approach. Add our domains to interoperate with. Do research, innovate..

And THEN likely:

We win at our own Game!
@ilumium @edri
#Fediverse people, please note:

There will be no recordings this year.
We need you live !
Hi #Fediverse #activitypub devs, @cwebber @rhiaro et al..

We're slowly evaluating underused actor types like as:Group and as:Organization and also, with an influx of new users, we are evaluating more powerful ways to moderate our communities.

Are we approaching this at the right level?

Aren't we working in different domains that do not so neatly fit the Microblogging capabilities on which #mastodon and #pleroma have thrived?

Is it time to define what Community means?
I bumped into some great projects today..

Underlay: Open Distributed Knowledge Graphs

PubPub: Privacy-respecting All-in-one Collaborateive Publishing

And I decided to open a discussion to add #activitypub #fediverse support to the latter:

Here are the 2 projects:

Sam Klein, a great contributor to Wikipedia and also HTC member, is part of the Underlay project. Both projects are based on #linkeddata hence ideal for AP.
#pixelfed #fediverse
does anyone know how to federate a pixelfed instance with other instances? i want to feed my new pixelfed!
Hallo ihr lieben Menschen in der #Fediverse. Wenn ich in meinem Backend von #Friendica die Föderation Statistik ansehe, dann fällt auf, dass #Mastodon mit Abstand den größten Anteil in der Statistik hat. In Zahlen sind das 3303 von 7859 Knoten/Instanzen in der Fediverse. Den Rest teilt sich mit diversen anderen Möglichkeiten in der Fediverse teilzunehmen. Bei meinen Kontakten stellt sich das ebenfalls so dar. Die meisten meiner Kontakte sind auf Mastodon unterwegs.

Mich würde interessieren wieso das so ist? Es gibt ja genügend andere Möglichkeiten wie Mastodon. Siehe
Wieso entscheiden sich die Mastodon User für Mastdon?

Ich habe deswegen für diejenigen, die auf Mastdon sind, eine Umfrage erstellt wieso sie sich für Mastodon entschieden haben.

"Wieso hast Du dich für Mastodon und keine andere SocialMedia-Software in der Fediverse entschieden? " -->

Diejenigen, die "Andere Gründe" angegeben haben, können wenn sie wollen, hier kurz schreiben welche andere Gründe das sind.

Würde mich freuen, wenn ihr an der Umfrage teilnehmen würdet. Bin echt schon gespannt....

#Umfrage #Followerpower
@Christoph S mach am besten einen Post dazu. Hier im #Fediverse findet sich bestimmt eine dankbare Person.
I was searching for the infosec-handbook #fediverse account (which I remember to be around here fairly well), failed and stumbled across this:

"Many Fediverse users claim to be the “better and open-minded alternative to Twitter.” We think that this doesn’t reflect reality, as explained below."

Pretty interesting and in some way conerning read.
Wow and now #FunkWhale is on the front page of hacker news. The #fediverse may be in for a another wave sooner then we know.
The #Bluesky report of #twitter is out !

“Working virtually through the pandemic, this group self-organized, invited additional experts, and created a review of the ecosystem around protocols for social media. You can read it here:” #activitypub #fediverse

[ works best in Firefox ]
6 reasons the decentralised #Fediverse is better than regular centralised social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc

See the 6 reasons and a good short overview of what the Fediverse is about at

#technology #opensource #alternativeto #privacy
@dudenas Yes, I agree. That's why I have ever since been trying to go down that route, but I think, too, it is important to be political on the "right" level. Maybe at some point it would be honest to accept that solving problems like those we see with #Facebook or #WhatsApp are problems that are very hard to solve on an individual level but require more strict means (regulation). The #fediverse is great but once again it seems like it's trying to solve a social issue with ...
@repeet I partially agree... on one side you're right, but then again, a lot of people in there live in social networks they're used to, for whichever reasons, and many of them are way less tech-savvy than I am. I really dislike the idea to say, like, "if you _really_ care about me, you will follow me to another platform". Would we do this vice versa if important contacts of ours chose to completely give up on the #fediverse and fully move to some walled garden...? 😉
Hier im datenschutzmäßig aufgeklärten #Fediverse können wir gerne über Feinheiten diskutieren, aber Otto Normal schrecken wir mit sowas nur ab.
The FOSS Mastodon/Friendica/PixelFed/Pleroma app Fedilab and the FOSS PeerTube app TubeLab now have a new combined official account. You can follow them both at:

➡️ @apps

(This also includes news about other apps by the same author such as UntrackMe and OpenMultiMaps.)

Their official website is at

The apps are available from @fdroidorg and Google Play

#FediLab #TubeLab #Apps #Fediverse #FOSS #Mastodon #PeerTube #Friendica #PixelFed #Pleroma
Hello #fediverse is the #Signal app working for you?

No updates from support since yesterday and not sure if #messaging is even working. Don't see delivery status. #askfediverse
Lemmur ( a mobile app for #lemmy ) just had its first release!

Everyone who can please support their work via patreon :

#activitypub #fediverse #reddit
With each new #Facebook scandal like the recent WhatsApp-related one, the #Fediverse welcomes a wave of new users and admins. #Friendica gets its tiny share of the newly converted to decentralized social media. Some stick, most don't, but there's always this one guy (it's always a man) whose first few messages on GitHub are to angrily complain that Friendica isn't user-friendly enough and that it is spelling doom for a project they didn't know the day before and for the #Fediverse as a whole.

This has been going on ever since I joined the project in 2016, and we're still here. 🤷‍♂️

We had a productive and long #W3C #SocialCG #Policy meeting today

I want to say a huge thank you to
y0sh-network ( @y0sh
for providing the Community Group with a huge and nice BBB instance and an amazing nextcloud !
Also thank you to @rhiaro for chairing and @cj for scribing

You can find the minutes here

Everyone, come by on SAT, 23rd for the next meeting …

#activitypub #DigitalMarketsAct #DMA #uspol #fediverse
@ssl Not sure about the #fediverse, but I pretty much guess quite some "self-hosted" instances of whichever service are located somewhere on infrastructure operated by larger cloud providers (Amazon, Azure, ...). That's why I fully agree on the need to have a more decentralized storage system, maybe even one that is "encrypted enough" to trust data to be stored on AWS/EC2 or some other potentially "scalable" yet (from a privacy point of view) dangerous environment.
@joli It seems these days you don't really have any better options. #RSS hardly qualifies as an "interactive" feed and only works for following / consuming content (and as far as I see around in my non-technical bubble, few people know what it is, let alone use it). On #Twitter, #Facebook , #fediverse however, you can't really "interact" or "follow" without having an account. I'd clarify the requirements of "social", "interactive", "followable" with the customer.
@ij What I sort of miss with #xmpp as well as with most of the #fediverse applications, actually, is something like a decentralized, "nomadic" identity that allows to connect to _any_ server running that technology and still have my contacts, my chat history, available. I think #matrix does a bit better here... but yes, the bad image of #xmpp definitely is a problem too. #xmpp needs some sort of "user-sided" representation to do end-user marketing and communication. 😉

@norman @mattj @jom
@ij Yes, Quicksy is pretty good as it also tackles another issue I see with end-users (the need to "choose an instance" before registering an account). Same way, I've always enjoyed what the #movim folks did in terms of #xmpp pubsub for social networking - which then again also is another "niche" even within the "open world", like, outside the #fediverse ... 😟 ).

@mattj @jom
@Welcoming committee Please man or woman.

Don't send welcome messages to arriving fascist and trumpists.

They're not welcome here on #diaspora or the #fediverse at all.....
Hey #Fediverse,

kennt jemand einen guten datenschutzfreundlichen, deutschen #jitsi server, mit dem man auch mit 25 Schülern gut arbeiten kann und der dementsprechend eine ordentliche Bandbreite hat?

Leider hat meine weitsichtige Schulleitung mir die Nutzung von #senfcall untersagt und möchte lieber, dass ich mit den Schülern auf den amerikanischen server umziehe. Eine äußerst weitsichtige Entscheidung, die ich dankend abgelehnt habe.

#datenschutz #schule
@Welcoming committee Please man or woman.

Don't send welcome messages to arriving fascist and trumpists.

They're not welcome here on #diaspora or the #fediverse at all.....
@person Same for quite some spaces of the #fediverse as far as I see, and a sad problem. These tools still often fail to attract people that want to use a technology for a particular purpose rather than because it's cool or aligns with their attitude. 😔
Kann mir Mensch erklären inwieweit #solid für das #fediverse relevant ist.
Wie steht ihr dazu?
All of todays #Fediverse logos.

You can find them all on my #PixelFed account: @paulakreuzer

What's next?
I definitely plan on doing the #Mastodon mascot and some of these:
:XR: :EG: :fff: :s4f: ...
But I'll also do requests, so what would you like to see next?

#embroidery #Stickerei #Sticken #ActivityPub #PeerTube #MastoArt #FediArt #WomensArt #EnbyArt
Local and Network/Federated Timelines really shouldn't exist if you think about it.

Centralized platforms have solved content discovery and I think it's about time we do too.

#fediverse #activitypub #pixeldev
@wuffel @nurinoas @lars @nocci
Entweder (pseudo)linksradikale Aktivisten, die ihm drohten für den Fall, daß er Gab nicht sperrt.

Oder Rechtsextreme, die ihm drohten für den Fall, DASS er Gab sperren sollte.

Man weiß es nicht.

Ich hoffe aber, wenn es einen Fork gibt, daß der dann auch mehr Netzwerke unterstützt. Das #Fediverse ist nicht nur #Mastodon. Fedilab unterstützt z. B. bis heute #Hubzilla nicht.
Da die letzte Folge zum #Fediverse #Podcast #besser nun fast schon 2 Jahre alt ist und sich mittlerweile einiges getan hat, würde ich gerne eine kleine Updatefolge produzieren.

Da so ein Update jede Menge Arbeit bedeutet habe ich eine Bitte:
Habt ihr Infos oder gute Quellen mit Zusammenfassungen!! , was sich in den letzten 2 Jahren bei den einzelnen Projekten wie #Friendica #Hubzilla #Pleroma #Mastodon #PeerTube #Pixelfed #Funkwhale #Nextcloud oder anderen interessanten Projekten getan hat?

Bitte keine Links auf Changelogs schicken, die lese ich schon. Daher meine Frage nach Zusammenfassungen oder guten Stichwortartigen Infos.

Oder besteht kein Interesse an so einem Update?
Is #Fediverse a safe space for people?

The developer of #Fedilab closed his accounts on #Mastodon because he was harassed by people who resented him for not including a block of Gab'n co on his app..
Gab is now out of Fedi, this happened thanks to admins maintaining proper instance block, not because of apps.
Remember that harassment is a major offense, no matter who's harassed. It is destructive. If you feel some behaviors are problematic, block, report, do not harass!
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