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"Knowing this, one has to question, what happens when the very resource most of the wars in the world today are being fought over loses most of its value? Where will these war machines turn their attention to?" #renewable #divest #disruption

"What matters is that CEOs know that many will not buy their stocks unless they take sustainability seriously. Many investors, both old and young, but particularly young - both homegamers and portfolio managers - need to hear the company's stance on these issues and if it is wanting in their eyes they might sell the stock." #divest #keepitintheground

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1. Investments in Vermögenswerte beenden, die mit der Nutzung fossiler Energien verbunden sind


"Also on Friday, thousands of Australians took to the streets to protest government inaction on climate change.

The bushfire crisis has added pressure on Morrison's conservative government to do more to combat climate change after Australia weakened its commitment to the Paris climate accord last year."

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