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Climate strike Sydney, Australia
Week 19.
Approximately 12 million hectares burned and 28 lives lost in Australia. Unimaginable devastation of flora and fauna. And still no action from our leaders. What will it take?
@gretathunberg #FridaysForFuture @Fridays4future #ClimateStrike

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Meet Theo Cullen-Mouze: a 17 year old climate striker from Clare Island in Co. Mayo Ireland who strikes in Castlebar in front of his County Council office! #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency #ClimateStrike #ClimateActionNow #FridaysForFuture @gretathunberg @Fridays4future

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Tomorrow I join @klimastreik Climate Strike in Lausanne! See you 10:30 at the Bahnhofsplatz. #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike #schoolstrike4climate

RT @Fri4FutureSea
The amazing students at a high school just north of Seattle have a #FridaysforFuture #ClimateStrike every Friday rain or shine!

If you can’t make it downtown to Seattle City Hall, Fridays at 1-2pm, you can start your own #schoolstrike4climate


RT @fffmumbai1
Forests&wildlife gets charred 2death in #Australia.
Humans gasp for breathe &water.
The order 2 shoot 10K camels 2 save water proves that in times of crisis the power laid regime will secure all left resources &the oppressed will have to succumb to that.

"Also on Friday, thousands of Australians took to the streets to protest government inaction on climate change.

The bushfire crisis has added pressure on Morrison's conservative government to do more to combat climate change after Australia weakened its commitment to the Paris climate accord last year."

#climatechange #climatecrisis #climatestrike #strike4climate #fridays4future #climatejusticenow #divest

RT @edgarrmcgregor
#ClimateStrike week 40!

Today was one of the coldest mornings of our winter, with a low of 39°F (4°C). Yet, compared to Januaries before the industrial revoltion, this morning would still be warmer than normal.

Preindustrial Jan. average low of 38.1°F, (3.3°C) @gretathunberg

RT @NigeriaRise
My first #climatestrike with @gretathunberg in #Nigeria

Join the #RiseUpMovement for climate strikes in the following countries in Africa :


RT @fff_Sydney
Climate Strike Sydney, Australia
Week 18.
Approximately 1.25 billion animals killed. Tens of people have lost their lives. Thousands of houses destroyed. Countless ecosystems decimated. And still our leaders refuse to act.

#FridaysForFuture @gretathunberg #climatestrike

Greta #Thunberg:
It’s not about Meatloaf.
It’s not about me.
It’s not about what some people call me.
It’s not about left or right.

It’s all about scientific facts.
And that we’re not aware of the situation.
Unless we start to focus everything on this, our targets will soon be out of reach.

Es geht nicht um Hackbraten.
Es geht nicht um mich.
Es geht nicht darum, wie manche mich nennen.
Es geht nicht um links oder rechts.
Es geht um wissenschaftliche Fakten.
Und dass wir uns der Situation nicht bewusst sind.
Wenn wir uns nicht darauf konzentrieren, sind unsere Ziele bald unerreichbar.

#FridaysForFuture #ParentsForFuture #ScientistForFuture #ClimateStrike #NeustartKlima

RT @Fri4FutureSea
Happy Birthday @gretathunberg!
Our first #FridaysforFuture #ClimateStrike of the new year at Seattle City Hall. Jan 3, 2020 @FFF_USA @Fridays4future

RT @NakabuyeHildaF
As I headed for the #climatestrike, my 12 YO brother Dalton had already occupied my strike spot with his hand made placard. He told me "you are late" and i was impressed with his commitment because he understood the urgency of #ClimateAction. Let's all join in. @gretathunberg

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RT @A_Ahokas
Climate strike in Helsinki today! The weather was nicer than last week! Thank you all who came. It was so nice to meet strikers today from Germany and Estonia And happy birthday @gretathunberg #FridaysForFuture #Climatestrike

RT @CevikusHB
#ClimateStrike Week 41
Not a great day. Rainy & cold in Istanbul. Exams began. Woke up to terrible war news this morning. Yet... Today is @gretathunberg's birthday & tomorrow is mine, so let's keep cool & carry on. Happy birthday Greta #schoolstrike4climate #fridaysforfuture

RT @PatsyIP4
Climate Strike Sydney Australia
Week 17.
Our country is literally on fire. People are dying, houses burning and flora and fauna being devastated. What will it take for world leaders to wake up and act?

#FridaysForFuture @gretathunberg @fff_Sydney #ClimateEmergency #ClimateStrike


Australia's on fire. More than 3.65 million hectares burned.

How many more disasters till we #ActOnClimate?

#Climate #Energy #AustraliaFires #ClimateStrike #GreenNewDeal #cdnpoli



Visions For Climate

#climateaction #climateemergency #climatestrike #cologne #fridaysforfuture #politics

With the (still) pretty abysmal Klimapaket of our government and the catastrophic failure of COP25 in Madrid, theres only one course of action left to organize ourselves and start protecting our climate! One small step is the Visions For Climate summit in Berlin, January 24th to 26th, for people and organizations that are actively Continue reading Visions For Climate
Visions For Climate


Global Climate Strike

#climateaction #climateemergency #climatestrike #cologne #fridaysforfuture #politics

The latest reports from climate scientists are quite devastating, were getting close to what they call irreversible tipping points do we really want to risk turning our earth into an inhabitable rock? This Friday we were 630,000 people overall in Germany, according to the Fridays, protesting together against the inaction of our governments facing Continue reading Global Climate Strike
Global Climate Strike

Greta #Thunberg:
500’000 people marched in Madrid last night. This is the beginning of change! The world is slowly waking up to the climate and environmental crisis. Soon the people in power can no longer get away with ignoring the science. #cop25 #fridaysforfuture #climatestrike

500'000 Menschen sind letzte Nacht in Madrid marschiert. Dies ist der Beginn der Veränderung! Die Welt erwacht langsam zur Klima- und Umweltkrise. Bald können die Machthaber die Wissenschaft nicht mehr ignorieren.

An der Uni Hannover findet nächste Woche die "Public Climate School" mit viele Vorträgen, Workshops, Diskussion, etc. rund um den Klimawandel statt. Start ist Montag der 25.11 mit einem veganen Frühstück und Ende ist die große Freitagsdemo am 29.11. Offen für alle! Hier ist eine Übersicht über die Veranstaltungen:

#Hannover #SFF #StudentsForFuture #FridaysForFuture #FFF #ClimateStrike #Klimastreik #Klimanotstand #Klimawandel #demo #AlleFürsKlima #LecturesforFuture

RT @edgarrmcgregor
My #ClimateStrike week 30! Joined by more friends!

Today was yet another scorching hot day in southern California. Despite a shower the other day, it really hasn't rained at all in nearly 6 full months.

It should be raining by now. It's not.

#FFF @FFF_USA @gretathunberg

RT @vanessa_vash
DAY 25 Strike to #SaveCongoRainForest

WEEK 45 #climatestrike #FridaysForFuture

I joined the climate activists in Nigeria like @the_ecofeminist
@Greenpeace @gretathunberg @Jamie_Margolin @europeangreens @350

RT @KlimatsamlGbg
#FridaysForFuture #climatestrike 8 November i Göteborg. Utsläppen ökar! Vi kräver handling! @FFF_goteborg @gretathunberg

RT @NamugerwaLeah
Today's #ClimateStrike

What do we want? Climate action. When do we want it? Now. #FridaysForFuture #schoolstrike4climate
@gretathunberg @Fridays4future

RT @katerinabirdy
Week 12 of #climatestrike in Russia, in Kursk State University
I‘m so glad people here are often passionate about current ecological global problems, students ask how they can help our environment and always cheer me up when I‘m striking!
#FridaysforFuture @gretathunberg

RT @CevikusHB
#ClimateStrike Week 33
Exam week is over and it's finally Friday the strike day! Funny, but this week it felt like vacation to me
... Sınavlar bitti, bu cuma grev bana tatil gibi geldi @gretathunberg @Fridays4future @FridaysTurkey #FridaysForFuture #schoolstrike4climate

@Christoph S
Ah yes the Ivan Zalax troll
It is you are the troll. I am not.

I ready to answer for any of my words. I do not hide my real identity. Why you are called me troll?

Because you are the collaborator of this guys regarding vaccination?

Or because you try to promote Western neocolonialism regarding Kyoto Protocol promotion?
Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Wed, 14 Aug 2019 18:29:31 +0300

Earlier, the West used this colonial manipulation immediately after the collapse of the USSR:
The consequences of this treaty: Western Europe has outsourced its harmful and environmentally unfriendly production to the East.
After the report on the state and environmental protection of the Russian Federation, Yasnaya Polyana was included in the list of settlements most affected by air pollution with various harmful substances.
Shchekinoazot, which is known to produce urea-formaldehyde concentrate, was concerned about pollution data that appeared in the media.
According to some reports, the degree of air pollution with formaldehyde in Yasnaya Polyana has exceeded 20 times the limit of its maximum permissible concentration.
Yasnaya Polyana is the place where i was born. This example from my personal experience.
The USA advertised this Kyoto protocol most of all and was its initiator, but as a result the USA declined ratification of it, because the US scientists demonstrated to public that there are no scientific justifications for this:

The next year, this treaty expires, the term of the Western artificial limitation of the industrial development of developing countries under the guise of "caring for nature" ends (i hope my example about farmaldehyde in Yasnaya Polyana clearly showed how the West takes care of its ecology). It seems that the next stage of this neocolonial undertaking is being prepared.
Kyoto Protocol extended to 2020 to fight climate change
Published: 12:00am, 9 Dec, 2012
According to independent researchers, the Rockefeller family took a major part in lobbying the Kyoto Protocol:
What is important, however, is to acknowledge the role of the Rockefeller family –which historically was the architect of “Big Oil”– in supporting the Climate Change debate as well as the funding of scientists, environmentalists and NGOs involved in grassroots activism against “Big Oil” and the fossil fuel industry.
Apparently, many Western youth environmental initiatives, widely covered by the media, are also not without the support of the Rockefeller charitable organizations, since their activities began to be covered just before the deadline for the Kyoto Protocol. The materials of independent researchers confirm this:

The US Congress deprived the Rockefeller family of profits from oil production. Therefore, they acquired deposits of rare earth elements in the Western colonies. Rare earth elements are necessary for the functioning of renewable energy sources, for which this environmental campaign was started. Most of the resources needed for renewable energy are concentrated in Africa. Often, child slave labor is used in mines, so that progressive Western consumers can refuse coal and oil in favor of "clean" energy.
Last year, 70 percent of the world’s cobalt came from the DRC, a country that has been a target of widespread criticism for its labor practices, such as using children as young as six to work in cobalt mines.

#fridaysforfuture #climatechange #wemustact #bethechange #vegan #janegoodall #cleanenergy #earth #care #futuregenerations #whatsyourexcuse #dontwait #cowspiracy #worktogether #actnow #thegreenhousesparetreat
#capitalism #climatecrisis #climatechange #climatestrike #europe #fridaysforfuture #ecology #environment #greta #gretathunberg #hoax #infosec #metaprogramming #colonialism #cryptocolonialism #neocolonialism #2020cc

Please explain if you are responsible for your words.

RT @gretathunberg
This Friday I will join the climate strike in Charlotte, NC!
12-2pm at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center. See you there!
#FridaysForFuture #schoolstrike4climate #ClimateStrike

RT @solo_syn_
Today’s Seattle City Hall #FridaysforFuture #ClimateStrike

No more coal!
No more oil!
Keep our carbon in the soil!