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week 4 joining the #ClimateStrikeOnline !

treat every crisis like a crisis. we need urgent action and we are demanding #climatejustice. we are unstoppable- another world is possible!

#DigitalStrike #FridaysforFuture @fff_digital @gretathunberg #climatecrisis #climatestrike

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Stay home, stay safe. Let us keep fighting, the struggle to have #ClimateJustice continues. #ClimateStrikeOnline #DigitalStrike #FridaysForFuture

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Week 3 #ClimateStrikeOnline and #DigitalStrike

You may be by yourself today but you are never alone in the fight for #climatejustice

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We demand international climate emergency.

@Fridays4future @TheRiseUpMovem1 @gretathunberg @vanessa_vash @UNFCCC @UNICEFAfrica

Please share the video, because our lives depend on it #climateJustice

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Day 1 of my #climatestrikeonline ,Week 7 of my 2020 weekly climate strike. You may be by yourself striking today but you are never alone in the battle for climate justice!

@gretathunberg @saoi4climate @AnnaKernahan @isabelle_ax @rikkednielsen @vanessa_vash

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The future is seeking out #climateJustice #ActNow Leaders
@onjolo_kenya @lizwathuti @gretathunberg @UNEP @Greenpeace @GlobalLF
@vanessa_vash @NakabuyeHildaF
@SadrachNirere #DigitalStrike #ClimateStrikeOnline
#fridaysforfuture #climatestrike #schoolstrike4climate

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@gretathunberg and a few friends turned up to demonstrate in Brussels today. Shite weather kept the masses away. But a very feisty demo, these guys are #hope personified. What do we want?! #climatejustice

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#Week5 #ClimateStrike #FFFparivartan
#FridaysForFuture #ClimateEmergency

Although it was raining heavily, we concluded 5th Week at 3 places Moradabad, Rampur (U.P) & Kashipur (U.K)
Commuters were made aware & appealed for our moto of #climatejustice.
@gretathunberg @FFFIndia

Norwegischer Ölkonzern gibt Australien-Pläne nach Umweltprotesten auf

In der Großen Australischen Bucht will der Konzern #Equinor nicht mehr nach Öl bohren. Umweltschützer*innen sprechen von einem »Sieg für die Umwelt«

Umweltschützer*innen sowie Politiker*innen, die das Vorhaben des norwegischen Ölriesen als Bedrohung für die Tierwelt&für das Klima betrachtet hatten, begrüßten den Rückzug Equinors

#Offshoreförderpläne #Australien #Umweltschutz #ClimateJustice #nature

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The #ClimateJustice movement is only getting stronger!
It was great to see some new faces at the #FridaysforFuture #ClimateStrike at Seattle City Hall
today. Feb 21, 2020 #ClimateActionNow!

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Danish activists marching to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to demand #ClimateAction now. Denmark needs to get a grip and contribute to #ClimateJustice worldwide #FridaysForFuture @gretathunberg – At Udenrigsministeriet

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This morning at Parktown High School for Girls, young people marched around the school protesting for #ClimateJustice
The future is now. The time for silence is over, it's time to be heard #FridaysForFuture
@ArtivistsZ @350Africa @WWFSouthAfrica @Greenpeaceafric

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.@StStithians joined the #SchoolStrike4Climate this morning protesting for #ClimateJustice

These are the young people fighting for their futures! #FridaysForFuture

@ArtivistsZ @350Africa @WWFSouthAfrica @Greenpeaceafric

: Sohini Basu

Hi, I'm Paula, the #Admin of the newly created instance

Here I'll mostly post admin-related stuff. My personal account where I post about #ClimateJustice (mostly in German) is @PaulaForFuture.

I can also be found at @paulakreuzer where I post about all kinds of stuff in English.

What do we want? Climate Justice!
When do we want it? Now!

@21tribes: Das ist ja der Witz: Die Narrative hängen funktional zusammen! Der selbe Imperialismus, der zur #Klimakrise geführt hat, ist für die Wellblechhütten verantwortlich. Du ignorierst, dass es um Klimagerechtigkeit #climatejustice geht. Es gibt vermutlich bessere Modelle als den CO2-Pro-Kopf-Ausstoß zu bilanzieren, aber als moralisches Mindestmodell halte ich daran fest.

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still in parliament square!
what do we want? CLIMATE JUSTICE

#ClimateStrike #ClimateJustice

Wir sind neu im #Fediverse und freuen uns über Empfehlungen wem mensch folgen sollte!


No more tomorrow; take steps today. We demand #climatejustice against the vulnerabilities. Ensure our sequrity– we want implementation of the Paris Agreement.
#ClimateStrike #COP26

🕵️‍♀️ Undercover bei Klimawandel-Leugnern

❓ Eine #Recherche von #CORRECTIV und #Frontal21 zeigt, wie das US-amerikanische Heartland-Institute mit Millionenförderung aus der US-Industrie und pseudo-wissenschaftlicher Expertise Leugner des Klimawandels unterstützt

👆 Die ausführliche Recherche:

👆 Eine kürzere Version:

😊 Unter Mitarbeit der OBS-Stipendiatin Susanne Götze!

#klima #klimawandel #climatejustice #AfD #Medien #demokratie #youtube

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Climate protest, Dublin, end of January. We'll see you again in February. And every month after that until our future is secure #FridaysForFuture #ClimateJustice

RT @lizwathuti
A liveable world and a safe future!

Is thistoo much to ask for??

We can all be part of the solution!

Tree growing& climate education has been my focus through @GGI_Kenya.

Today is my #ClimateStrike week 5 in 2020!

#FridaysForFuture #ClimateChange #ClimateJustice #Kenya

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Ein Jahr #FridaysForFuture in @stadtdortmund und wir werden kein bisschen leiser für #ClimateJustice einzustehen

Gemeinsam, laut und solidarisch denn #DieUhrTickt Eine andere Welt ist möglich wenn ihr handelt! #HowDareYou

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Our environment is our responsibility. Students in KPK are striking for everyone's Future. #ClimateJustice #ClimateEmegency @gretathunberg

white people: we do this for you, it's for #climatejustice

more effected people: your proposal involves land-grabbing, the further comodification of nature, allows big pullutors to continue... you're not helping us with this. Why don't you listen to our proposal?

white people: (if we would be honest, we would admit on how our behavior is part of white supremacy) We did, and came to the conclusion that there is no historical evidence, that just because one has the better arguments, will win the debate.


this dialoge is non-fiction. It is, what is currently happening within the selfclaimed climatejustice movement.

Here's a storry from the side of more effected people:


#FridaysForFuture #COP25 #ActNow #ClimateCrisis #ClimateJustice


We’re currently climate striking with an estimated 500k people in Madrid. I have never seen anything like this. So. Much. People. Power! 🌎 #COPForFuture #FridaysForFuture


#Klimakrise #FFF

Building Solidarity
Against False Solutions!

a toolkit, made by indigenous people, against the sell out of the sky, against emission trading, against #co2colonialism.

"This digital toolkit will help you analyze, interrogate & resist market-based carbon pricing initiatives in all its forms."

"When we go back and teach our communities about carbon pricing, we need to explore and define what resistance is; why resistance is important, and why it can be a celebration because there will come a time soon when we will lead.“

produced by:
- IEN (Indeginous Enviornmental Network)
- Climate Justice Alliance

#COP25 #enviornmentaljustice #climatejustice #decolonization

thousands of activists have come to the coal industry in #Lausitz (#Germany) to block it in support of #climatejustice.

At the same time, Nazis and Anti-climatejustice people are demonstrating against them. They have called multible times to threat them.
Cops made a photo with symbols of neo-facists incl. a slogan that says, stop #endeGelände [the activist network that calls for the climatejustice action)
The so called "social democrats" also made a call out against the climatejustice network, and asked the facist party AFD for support.

But they won't stop us. Also fridaysforfuture made calls to join the protest in the #Lausitz.

here some impressions:

Das Legal Team für das Aktionswochenende in der #Lausitz! gibt bekannt:

"Wir sind hochmotiviert & unterstützen Euch in allen rechtlichen Fragen! Wenn's brennt, ruft uns an:

EA Nr +4930-34060313

Kommunikation per Signal ist auch möglich!

#climatejustice #EndeGelaende #FridaysForFuture #AlleDoerferBleiben #hambibleibt #Solidarität

Klimakämpfe – Wir sind die f*cking Zukunft - eine Rezension! #ClimateJustice #OsterholzBleibt #HambiBleibt #By2020WeRiseUp #Endegelände - Das Buch ist auch im Enough Info-Café, Wiesenstraße 48 in 42105 #wuppertal erhältlich. Weiterlesen:

RT @futurefridaysDO
Auch Heute steht unsere Demo ganz im Zeichen von #HowDareYou! Wie wagt ihr es global auf Millionen von Menschen und ihre Zukunft zu scheißen? Für uns ist kalt es gibt nur einen Ausweg aus der #Klimakrise: handelt jetzt, #ClimateJustice now! #FridaysForFurture #neustartklima

RT @KSUMalta
Snapshot from the #FridaysForFuture gathering on campus organised by @ExtinctionR Malta.


Chika Unigwe: *It’s not just Greta Thunberg: why are we ignoring the developing world’s inspiring activists?*

"Ridhima Pandey was just nine years old in 2017 when she filed a lawsuit against the Indian government for failing to take action against climate change […]

In Kenya Kaluki Paul Mutuku has been actively involved in conservation since college, where he was a member of an environmental awareness club, and has been a member of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change since 2015. […]

People such as the teenager Aditya Mukarji, who in March 2018 began a war against plastic straws. […]

Last year Nina Gualinga, an indigenous activist from the Ecuadorian Amazon since the age of eight, won the WWF’s top youth conservation award. At 15, Autumn Peltier from the Anishinaabe people of Canada, is a veteran clean water and climate advocate. And Leah Namugerwa is a 15-year-old Ugandan activist.

There are many more whose names we rarely, if ever, hear. …"

#climateChange #climateCrisis #climateJustice #activism %%%

RT @NYCAnepal
Yesterday was an incredible day!
We marked #schoolstrike4climate in 13 different schools with 800 students in Nepal.
Climate Education and Climate Action should go parallely. Fridays are meant for future.
#FridaysForFuture #ClimateJustice #IntergenerationalEquity

RT @1alyssakang
Thousands of young people in San Francisco for the youth-led #ClimateStrike!

There is hope for our future and our planet! #ClimateJustice #ClimateJusticeNow

RT @the_ecofeminist
Primary school pupils call for climate action. #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike in Abuja, Nigeria.
We want #ClimateJustice. Is time for leaders to walk the talk on climate action.

sorry not having so much time for the moment to maintain this account BUT:

Take action for #climatejustice tomorrow!
Do it. What ever possibilities you have, do it accordingly.

#Capitalism is the cause, #climatecrisis the reaction.

We must end it to continue.
I count on you.

hambibleibt - 2019-09-19 14:02:32 GMT
Heute vor einem Jahr verstarb #SteffenMeyn (Waldname: Sonne) bei der Räumung im Hambacher Wald.

hambibleibt - 2019-09-19 14:02:32 GMT
Heute vor einem Jahr verstarb #SteffenMeyn (Waldname: Sonne) bei der Räumung im Hambacher Wald.