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Can we quickly talk about what the Conformance Section means in ActivityPub?
How we give implementors a chance who want to use the protocol as it is specified with amazing new ideas and not clones of short “Note".
So that users do not loose more contents and all “type” is reproducible.
About what “entirety” means …

From silo-first to task-oriented federated app design

or about humanity?

#activitypub #fediverse

Switching my site to WriteFreely

I have been using WordPress ever since I decided to have a personal website/blog. It has served me well but I've come to a point where I got tired of messing with plugin conflicts, and spammers. I also like Markdown a lot and the available plugins for WordPress were either broken or had conflicts with other plugins. So I decided to try something simpler. At first I had my mind on static generators but then I came across WriteFreely, a minimalistic, distributed and customizable blogging software. It supports Markdown and HTML and that's all I need right now. On the minus side, it does not support media uploads but we will show a workaround to that, on this guide.

#writefreely #linux #freesoftware #blog #cms #activitypub #fediverse #distributed

Dunno about Clubhouse. Don't use it. But I posted an #ActivityPub issue at if only for taking into consideration. Copy those fedi contacts ;)

@scribe @Argus @grishka

Yeah, but the original has subtitles then …

and what makes me mad is that no software makes use of native language capabilities in #activitypub
not only 'nameMap', 'summaryMap', 'contentMap' –
also a 'Video' with an attached 'Collection' of 'Note' having 'startTime' and 'endTime' would be super valid …
After the crazy guy stopped the OTF mid-pandemic, the Biden administration worked fast on reopening.

Now, we demand from the European Union to build
an European Open Technology Fund.
In my personal interest it would be a transatlantic joint venture so that borders do not matter and I can apply with my US friends.

Open Protocols, Open Source, Open Borders!

An article by Julia Reda

#opensource #activitypub #OpenTechnologyFund
Redaktor #activitypub #CMS ?

sounds promising ...

Cannot find so much info ... about, anyone else could ?

#apps #fediverse
When will #editing of posts come to #Mastodon, it is possible in #Friendica which uses #ActivityPub for some time now, so when will Mastodon be able to implement the supposedly rocket science code that is needed?
I made my first FEP! It's about walls and any other similar experiences where people add things to someone else's collections.

@activitypub #activitypub
Has anyone looked into implementations of #ActivityPub, be it via an extension or otherwise, that _doesn't_ require one to 'live' on a server? The emulation of digital feudalism isn't going to get us far.
Our safety and moderation tools like disabled comments, spam detection and violation warnings are unique in the fediverse.

We have been working on a new generation of safety and moderation tools that will be rolling out soon!

#pixelfed #safety #moderation #activityPub
@humanetech @kitanglad @strypey yeah #activitypub in #discourse would be awesome! (especially given at present there aren't really any good #fediverse FB Groups alternatives and Discourse is probably the best alternative)
@jdaviescoates didn't actually, super resource. Thanks much, I added to #delightful sustainable business:

Linked me to some great other resources too:

Joined their forum.

Soon celebrating having 1,000 discourse accounts 😂 ridiculous, right? If your find that too, and think #discourse should join #activitypub #fediverse then add your 2cts to:

@kitanglad @strypey
Watching @vbertola Talk about Open Source, Interoperability and the Digital Markets Act
#DMA #activitypub

Vittorio is Head of Policy & Innovation at Open-Xchange and also attended the #SocialCG meeting
Heal the #fediverse
Make it a better place
For you and for me, and the entire human users
There are clients dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for you and for me

4pm CET

#activitypub yay
#SocialCG meeting tomorrow, Saturday 6th at 1500 UTC.

We are focusing on DEMOS! With the theme of diverse clients and #ActivityPub generic servers.

So if you have done any work with ActivityPub C2S and you'd like to show it - even half baked - please do join. And if you want to learn more about this approach, this meeting is for you too.
@how @rhiaro @nightpool @ps

I think, nightpool handle is wrong. But do not know either.

I can ONLY repeat what h. said is true for me too:

If we do not have a PUBLIC discussion in the #Activitypub community about where we stand against complotists, nationalists, nazis, trumpists, and other fascists and concrete action taken very soon, I will have to step out of this community.
For this cannot be something Sebi is willing to support and would then be the third user wanting to be deleted.
@cwebber @rhiaro @sl007 @nightpool My life has been miserable and I cannot do ANYTHING in the last 2 days because I am accused of letting fascists come to the SocialHub and nobody says anything about it.

If we do not have a PUBLIC discussion in the #Activitypub community about where we stand against complotists, nationalists, nazis, trumpists, and other fascists and concrete action taken very soon, I will have to step out of this community for this cannot be something @ps is willing to support.

It seems to be a frequently asked question which properties can have multiple values in the #ActivityPub #specification

if a property is not marked as “functional” in

then it can have multiple values.
Dreamhost broke my #ActivityPub C2S today with an apache mod_security update. They have fixed it now, but posted some notes in case other people hit this in the process of realising the diverse-clients-generic-servers decentralised social web dream...
#activitypub #activitypubdev I can't find any place where it's explicitly stated that an Activity object can't be an array of Objects.
Does anyone know if having something like this activity is spec compliant or not (I included only properties relevant to the question, everything else should be considered as compliant) ?

"type": "Delete",
Hard to follow due to a lot of head movement without the mic following but a very important topic and interesting talk about #GDPR especially in combination with the #fediverse and #FOSS

Hat tip

#activitypub #fediverse #foss #gdpr
Esteemed #Fediverse !

You were just a topic in the German Parliament.
Anke Domscheit-Berg described the problem in the first sentence
The “full capitalization of a deeply human need, communication”

and decribed the solution, a federated network without a central authority

"Service for the Public"
"Funded by the EU"
"Maximum autonomy"

and maybe good governance …

EU gives 12+ billion to monopolies with Horizon.

Now fund W3C recommendations like #ActivityPub !
@pfefferle Hmm, I have the #ActivityPub plugin enabled in #WordPress but I can't see anything in #Mastodon when I search for

I feel like an idiot. How do I see my blog in my Mastodon timeline?
Is anyone interested in doing some open-source design work for this graph-fedi-thing I'm working on?

Anything from color choices and themeing to thinking and experimenting with UX would be very much appreciated.

Current (static) demo is here:

You can join the ongoing discussion here:

Code will probably be MIT licensed, DM or reply for access :)

#fediverse #activitypub #ux #design
Hi #Fediverse #activitypub devs, @cwebber @rhiaro et al..

We're slowly evaluating underused actor types like as:Group and as:Organization and also, with an influx of new users, we are evaluating more powerful ways to moderate our communities.

Are we approaching this at the right level?

Aren't we working in different domains that do not so neatly fit the Microblogging capabilities on which #mastodon and #pleroma have thrived?

Is it time to define what Community means?
I bumped into some great projects today..

Underlay: Open Distributed Knowledge Graphs

PubPub: Privacy-respecting All-in-one Collaborateive Publishing

And I decided to open a discussion to add #activitypub #fediverse support to the latter:

Here are the 2 projects:

Sam Klein, a great contributor to Wikipedia and also HTC member, is part of the Underlay project. Both projects are based on #linkeddata hence ideal for AP.
@abeorch Not sure, most of the "corporate social media" folks I know use proprietary services for that, like #ifttt or #buffer . Maybe #activitypub could be added there. But maybe having open replacements for that would be even better. ☺
What good cross posting tools exist that support #activitypub ? If I run a company #Twitter, #Instagram and #facebook presence what would be the easiest way to add #activitypub ?
Does anyone know how to stop #Hubzilla from resending me the exact same request an ungodly amount of times? I'm not going to accept that request. It contains some weird JSON-LD context, and even if that was okay, it's not signed by a valid actor. So, obviously, I'm returning a 400 Bad Request. Is this not what I'm supposed to do in such a case?

The #Bluesky report of #twitter is out !

“Working virtually through the pandemic, this group self-organized, invited additional experts, and created a review of the ecosystem around protocols for social media. You can read it here:” #activitypub #fediverse

[ works best in Firefox ]
Minds is looking to implement ActivityPub 🙄 #activityPub

“… to participate in keeping it alive while also permitting #privacy

It's not written right but I did a minimal #demo that showed off how to do such a thing on top of #ActivityPub

It was hacky, we need a "generic, public tahoe-like thing";
might be the right option but yet to be seen

Lemmur ( a mobile app for #lemmy ) just had its first release!

Everyone who can please support their work via patreon :

#activitypub #fediverse #reddit
Wasn’t there some #activitypub capable podcast publishing platform out there?

Or was it people talking about publishing podcasts via #funkwhale? I can’t remember.
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