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@kattascha bei #pixelfed gehts bestimmt gesitteter zu 😇
#pixelfed folks again: On, seems every kind of interaction I try (apps, web app) ends up in a 429 Too Many Requests. Just my account broken? Anyone else seeing this effect?
@tpheine Moin auch. Bei dem speziellen Punkt wäre ich mir unsicher gewesen (eben weil das Verhalten in #fedilab hier anders war/ist als in #tusky oder #pixelcat). Ich versuche momentan ernsthafter, ein Setup zu bauen mit #pixelfed und "irgendeiner" App, um überzeugten "Alt-Instagrammern" etwas empfehlen zu können. Leider ist das insgesamt schwierig, nicht nur bei #fedilab ... Derzeit schreib ich immer mal wieder lustige Fehler auf (u.a. gestern den hier ), die mich ...
#fedilabBug Sharing pictures directly (Android-system, "share with...") doesn't seem to work on latest beta with #pixelfed . App seems to start upload but as soon as upload finished, " an error has occurred ". Posting doesn't, then, seem possible anymore. 😔 Known issue?
#fedilabBug I'm seeing #pixelfed images in my stream which, as soon as I try to interact with, will cause a 404 error message. Trying to open the post in the browser, I see an error message too, and trying to open the profile that apparently posted this image, I see it's a private profile. How comes I am able to see images off private profiles I am not following in my timeline? App bug or API issue?
Früher gab es eine eigene Internetseite (Texte, Fotografien, einige Videos) und Mastodon. Die eigene Internetseite gibt es nicht mehr. Wodurch lässt sie sich ersetzen? Mit #diaspora #friendica #pixelfed, #peertube, #plume? Und oder oder? Was denkt ihr? Sagt mal bitte was! Gern auch boosten (es fehlt vllt. an Reichweite).
@tpheine I'm regularly switching between both actually. Unfortunately, #fedilab feels by orders of magnitude slower and more clumsy on my hardware, and #pixelfed access seems even worse. 😶
Restricted Mode is a new safety feature that will be rolling out soon.

- Limit access to logged in users for every endpoint and page

- Limit federation to approved instances

- Compatible with mobile apps

- Bulk import approved instances

- Invite based registrations

#pixelfed #safety
Our safety and moderation tools like disabled comments, spam detection and violation warnings are unique in the fediverse.

We have been working on a new generation of safety and moderation tools that will be rolling out soon!

#pixelfed #safety #moderation #activityPub
@xosem 😉 You're welcome - after all, just another opinion here, and platforms like Instagram surely are changing over time too (in example I've never made use or sense of the "Instagram TV" approach which is essentially live-streaming, even by larger media houses or corporations). From that point of view, I could very well imagine a well-done #pixelfed to collect some early-day Instagram refugees at some point.
@z428 👍 I have not known about those good old times of IG and of course a respect anybody that has good connections there, I wanted to show that I'm somehow dissapointed with #pixelfed trying to copy the IG I now know, but could be that this aim comes from that beginnings previously to FB buying, trying to bring that spirit to fediverse.

It is just my personal experience and opinion 😉 , not trying to turn people minds about pixelfed.

Thanks for sharing your opinion and experience.
@xosem ... instances. Still, though, would be great to at some point see #pixelfed draw some more of the Instagram users out of that world and over here. 🙂
@xosem ... range of people using it for totally different purposes). My problem and doubt about #pixelfed is coming from another direction: Sometimes, I really felt happy about the #fediverse as a liberation from walled gardens, from the need to have multiple accounts on multiple systems just because they don't manage to interact with each other for technical and partially political reasons. From that point of view, it feels odd having multiple #fediverse accounts on different ...
@xosem ... has steadily increased throughout the last years, but at least for me the Instagram algorithm works rather well in keeping most of this sh_t out of sight. I still would prefer a more "ethical" and less "Facebook'ish" community for that, which #pixelfed could be but so far it is still lacking many essentials for that (good mobile app, a feature set on par with Instagram in 2021 not 2015, the kind of availability IG provides and, first and foremost, the wide and diverse ...
seriously considering deletion of my #pixelfed account. Near 300 pictures there from the very early times of pixelfed dot social. I knew nothing about IG (never had an account nor followed anybody, it was like tiktok is, something you see other people talking about).

Now, I know something about IG: it's just an add serving service, self-promotion for brands and famous people. F-off brands and famous people.

I thought (my fault) that it was something more similar to #Flickr. It is (was) not.

I contributed sharing content there and even translating UI (something @dansup never cared about).

#Pixelfed only aim is being IG, but federated. It has no soul, it has no value to me, since interaction with people is far from optimal.

If I take any nice picture I'd rather share it here. I'll be lost almost instantly in your TL, but clicking on Media tab in my profile anyone can see them anytime.

I might not delete my account. Deprecate it instead? 🤔
@team Ah, ok, but this hasn't been reshared on a #pixelfed account/instance, right...?
Question to the #pixelfed crowd out here: In pixelfed I can apparently "reshare" or "boost" entries as well - but how do I (or someone else) manage to see them? They don't seem to pop up anywhere - neither in the web ui nor in any of the mobile apps I checked?
Video on pixelfed isn't great, the feature hasn't evolved as much as photos have.

We're changing that, a new video experience will be rolling out soon!

#pixelfed #video
I've revised my plans for the Pixelfed mobile apps in light of what Google Play did to Element*.

Will be adding some last minute changes before we publish the beta release.

* - #pixelfed #pixeldev
@apps Cool. #pixelfed seems much better now but the top-right timeline icon doesn't yet show anything? Asides that, great work! 🙂
We are finishing improvements for #Pixelfed and we will try to publish a beta release today.
If you have issues for following accounts (#Pleroma), this will be fixed too.

For #Fdroid users, just use our custom repo, for Google users, you can join the beta channel in the app description.

Also, for reporting bugs, don't hesitate to opt-in to bug reports (from settings).

@z428 (Still trying how to work best with #pixelfed and #mastodon together. Kind of an ongoing experiment, even though boosting my own stuff feels thoroughly odd - and here's a wall to hit if you use pixelfed with > 4 pictures in one post, apparently.)
Network Timeline will be available soon. #pixelfed
You might notice Pixelfed now displays labels on posts related to COVID-19.

We're doing this to combat misinformation by providing a warning label and link to a reputable health organization.

#pixelfed #safety
#pixelfed #fediverse
does anyone know how to federate a pixelfed instance with other instances? i want to feed my new pixelfed!
@romina I'm still trying. A lot of astounding visual storytellers from all over the world are in my Instagram environment, and I'm slowly trying to convince at least some to move over to #pixelfed or #mastodon ...
So close! This will be our biggest release ever. #pixelfed #pixeldev
The FOSS Mastodon/Friendica/PixelFed/Pleroma app Fedilab and the FOSS PeerTube app TubeLab now have a new combined official account. You can follow them both at:

➡️ @apps

(This also includes news about other apps by the same author such as UntrackMe and OpenMultiMaps.)

Their official website is at

The apps are available from @fdroidorg and Google Play

#FediLab #TubeLab #Apps #Fediverse #FOSS #Mastodon #PeerTube #Friendica #PixelFed #Pleroma
We want to remind users of our new automated moderation tools.

You may see the page indicating the action you just performed was flagged as suspicious until a human can review it.

Please don't be offended or take it personally! This system isn't perfect and we are working to prevent false positives. #pixelfed
All of todays #Fediverse logos.

You can find them all on my #PixelFed account: @paulakreuzer

What's next?
I definitely plan on doing the #Mastodon mascot and some of these:
:XR: :EG: :fff: :s4f: ...
But I'll also do requests, so what would you like to see next?

#embroidery #Stickerei #Sticken #ActivityPub #PeerTube #MastoArt #FediArt #WomensArt #EnbyArt
Da die letzte Folge zum #Fediverse #Podcast #besser nun fast schon 2 Jahre alt ist und sich mittlerweile einiges getan hat, würde ich gerne eine kleine Updatefolge produzieren.

Da so ein Update jede Menge Arbeit bedeutet habe ich eine Bitte:
Habt ihr Infos oder gute Quellen mit Zusammenfassungen!! , was sich in den letzten 2 Jahren bei den einzelnen Projekten wie #Friendica #Hubzilla #Pleroma #Mastodon #PeerTube #Pixelfed #Funkwhale #Nextcloud oder anderen interessanten Projekten getan hat?

Bitte keine Links auf Changelogs schicken, die lese ich schon. Daher meine Frage nach Zusammenfassungen oder guten Stichwortartigen Infos.

Oder besteht kein Interesse an so einem Update?
Text only posts, shipping soon! #pixelfed
The new Pixelfed website is much nicer and will include a federated forum, new documentation site, translation platform and improved instance picker.

It was a lot of work to built everything from scratch, but we'll be able to provide a better experience across the Pixelfed ecosystem for admins, developers and users!

Available soon.

Text only posts don't have to be boring!

You will be able to customize your post background, formatting and more!

#pixelfed #pixeldev
Happy New Year 🥳

We are preparing to release the next version that includes several new features and improvements.

The mobile app is almost ready for primetime, and we'll be shipping the Android version first (via @fdroidorg)!

PS - We have been working on text-only posts support 😉 #pixelfed
@jedie Bin auch seit einer Weile auf #tusky, weil es auf meinem alten Androiden flüssiger als #fedilab funktioniert und besser mit #pixelfed klar kommt. Ansonsten ist #twidere einen Blick wert, unterstützt allerdings manche #fediverse -Spezifika noch nicht (etwa Umfragen).
Hallo @vilbi, bei mir ist #Pixelfed nicht sinnvoll zu nutzen.
Mein Xperia™ XA1 ist das überwiegende Endgerät, die @fedilab APP für mastodon und das ganze #fediverse, ich kann sogar Twitter Timelines anzeigen lassen, irgendwie kann ich auch meine 2 #pixelfed Accounts einbinden, aber es funktioniert nicht wirklich überzeugend.
Bei kann man versuchen @thalon @genofee - 1/2
ActivityPub für WordPress

Ich hatte es im Januar 2019 schon einmal erwähnt: Ich arbeite gerade an einem ActivityPub Plugin für WordPress. Da ich das ganze in meiner Freizeit mache, hat das auch seine Zeit gedauert, aber gerade ist es in einem ganz stabilen Zustand… immerhin funktioniert es mit den meisten bekannten Plattformen:
  • Socialhome
  • Misskey
  • Pleroma
  • HubZilla
  • Mastodon
  • pixelfed
Es gibt zwar immer noch ’ne Menge zu tun, aber immerhin kann man:
  • dem eigenen Blog-Profil (Author-URL) auf Mastodon & Co. folgen
  • Blog-Posts werden mit den Followern geteilt
  • Kommentare auf Mastodon & Co. landen wieder im Blog
Ihr könnt das Plugin über oder GitHub installieren.

Wer Ideen hat oder Hilfe braucht, findet mich (immer mal wieder) im SocialHub von

Ich bin gespannt auf euer Feedback!

#activitypub #fediverse #friendica #hubzilla #mastodon #misskey #pixelfed #pleroma #socialhome #wordpress
Anyone using #fedilab with #pixelfed? I am experiencing a bunch of odd issues, not sure it's me, my instance or the app itself. Is pixelfed supported right now?
Sure, it's #OpenSource. Sorry it does not work well with #Friendica yet, I am using it primarily with #Mastodon and a bit #Pixelfed. But it's still in development so there is a chance, Friendica support will be improved.
🤔 I would go for pull requests instead of a fork. 😉
Working on the new, preparing for the mobile app release 🚀 #pixelfed
Is there a working mobile App for #pixelfed coming out?
Moin tootles 🖖 ich hab es ein paarmal mit #pixelfed versucht, aber gerade im upload funzt es nicht zuverlässig bis gar nicht. Weder in der @fedilab APP noch im Chrome Browser.
@irgendwiejuna needs your submission:
enter cool #pixelfed accounts and photographers of the #fediverse, that i and other instanceowners of young instances shall feed their instances with, below ⬇️
Je me demande quel serais les répercutions sur le fediverse, si quelqu’un de très connu, comme une célébrité, venait à migrer de Twitter/Facebook vers un des réseaux fédéré. Est-ce que les serveurs des instances seraient capables de supporter la charge du nombre de nouveaux utilisateurs dans les jours qui suivrons et de contenu généré ?
Mais surtout est-ce que les utilisateurs non initié, serais suffisamment guidé pour comprendre comment ça fonctionne, ou comment trouver l'instance qui lui convient ?
I wonder what would be the repercussions on the fediverse, if someone very well known, like a celebrity, would migrate from Twitter/Facebook to one of federated social networks. Would the servers of the instances be able to support the load of the number of new users in the following days and of the generated content?
But above all would the uninitiated users be guided enough to understand how it works, or how to find the right instance for them?

#fedi #fediverse #federation #misskey #mastodon #pleroma #diaspora #friendica #pixelfed and other...
Pixelfed for Android and iOS.

Shipping Soon! #pixelfed
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