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Hello !Friendica Admins

How and when do you block single accounts or complete servers?

Do you block whole servers when you see a block suggestion?
Do you check the server to block before you block or rely on the suggestion?
Same about single accounts?

I usually just block stuff I stumble over or things people get upset about and tell me.

If one of regular #Friendica admins writes about some really hard stuff poster/server I will usually check the block suggestion and take action when I agree.

I don't want to over block, but I will certainly not tolerate hate speech or stuff that is against laws. I am not a lawyer, so I will use common sense only to determine, unless there is reason to put in more effort (ie. stuff on my servers or so).

Put your 5 cents here. Just interested to read some thoughts.
The FOSS Mastodon/Friendica/PixelFed/Pleroma app Fedilab and the FOSS PeerTube app TubeLab now have a new combined official account. You can follow them both at:

➡️ @apps

(This also includes news about other apps by the same author such as UntrackMe and OpenMultiMaps.)

Their official website is at

The apps are available from @fdroidorg and Google Play

#FediLab #TubeLab #Apps #Fediverse #FOSS #Mastodon #PeerTube #Friendica #PixelFed #Pleroma
Let's say I wanted to hook up a town with lots of #facebook #boomers on the Fediverse by creating a server, which platform would you recommend? #Pleroma? #Mastodon? #Friendica? Another one?
Some #Tweet of mine to ask people to join #Friendica, if you like retweet it.
#Facebook #WhatsApp

With each new #Facebook scandal like the recent WhatsApp-related one, the #Fediverse welcomes a wave of new users and admins. #Friendica gets its tiny share of the newly converted to decentralized social media. Some stick, most don't, but there's always this one guy (it's always a man) whose first few messages on GitHub are to angrily complain that Friendica isn't user-friendly enough and that it is spelling doom for a project they didn't know the day before and for the #Fediverse as a whole.

This has been going on ever since I joined the project in 2016, and we're still here. 🤷‍♂️

Public Posts

Content warning: Hello !Friendica Support, As I just noticed, my own public posts do not appear on the /community page on my server. Friendica 'Red Hot Poker' 2021.03-dev - 1385 #friendica #bug

Help setting up VSCode to work on Friendica

Content warning: !Friendica Support Can someone help me setup #VSCode to work for friendica? I have some extensions that changes quotes, etc and I don't want to disable/enable my extensions every time I switch project. I want to respect the devs preferred code specs. I ha

I'm really sad to hear that Thomas decided to leave all social networks and with it the development of #Fedilab.

It was always my preferred app for #Mastodon and #Friendica. I will continue to use it as long as possible and hope that others will pick it up.

I can understand his decision on a personal level and wish him all the best. We should not allow such toxic behavior in our communities and take a clear stance against it.

#FreeSoftware and #OpenSource #community
Da die letzte Folge zum #Fediverse #Podcast #besser nun fast schon 2 Jahre alt ist und sich mittlerweile einiges getan hat, würde ich gerne eine kleine Updatefolge produzieren.

Da so ein Update jede Menge Arbeit bedeutet habe ich eine Bitte:
Habt ihr Infos oder gute Quellen mit Zusammenfassungen!! , was sich in den letzten 2 Jahren bei den einzelnen Projekten wie #Friendica #Hubzilla #Pleroma #Mastodon #PeerTube #Pixelfed #Funkwhale #Nextcloud oder anderen interessanten Projekten getan hat?

Bitte keine Links auf Changelogs schicken, die lese ich schon. Daher meine Frage nach Zusammenfassungen oder guten Stichwortartigen Infos.

Oder besteht kein Interesse an so einem Update?
I deleted about 90 users, which gave me 180000 tasks in the queue. Didn't think about that before, but that will take a few hours now.

!Friendica Support #Friendica

Erweiterter Inhaltsfilter

Die Filter müssen noch ausgebaut werden. Ich habe leider auch noch nicht herausgefunden, wie ich Hashtags filtern kann, aber fürs erste beruhigen diese Filter meine Timeline etwas.

Alles ausblenden, was Trump im Text stehen hat
body matches "/(Trump|Trumps|DonaldTrump)/"

Alles weitergesagte ausblenden
body matches "/\\[share author=/"

Wer noch Ideen hat, wie der Filter erweitert werden kann, immer her damit.

Ach ja, falls es nicht klar geworden ist, mich nerven diese wieder und wieder und wieder und wieder wiederholten Meldungen und Memes ziemlich.

#Friendica #Filter #Trump #memes #MülltVerdammtNochmalNichtMeineTimelineZu
Just to report back. Since the update to 2021.01 I don't have to restart php constantly any more. #Friendica is faster and makes more fun than ever.

Thanks to all the developers and contributors.
I was wondering why the toot (or what it's called when it is from #friendica) above shows up when I look at the #basecamp hashtag?! Here, in the #mastodon-webinterface it doesn't seem to have any hashtag at all.

...ok, I see now, when I open it in it's on instance (, it does have that hashtag - that's the explanation, I guess.
Still interesting, first time I notice something like that.


Wir brauchen bei #Friendica wirklich mal ganz dringend ein Dingsi, das die Anzeige von vielen Bildern im Stream regelt. Alles über 2 Bilder nervt sehr und sieht richtig übel aus.
Allez hop, mon instance #Friendica est maintenant en 2021.01 :)
Friendica 2021.01 Released
I was just wondering why my #Friendica server was so damn slow, then remembered that I kept the logging on with the highest verbosity, which basically writes all incoming data into the log plus more diagnostic data. So it will increase disk IO to at least 200%, I think even more.

So !Friendica Admins turn off logging if not needed, this will make your server faster.
Houston we have a problem!

Today I created a test user to try if my Twitter connector is working (fun thing, it is working on the second attempt to connect, on the first it was read only).

Now after the test was finished I deleted the user via the /remove me function, I entered the password and pressed the button there. Now the user is still shown in /admin/users and it can't be deleted by me (the admin).

However the user shows up in /admin/users/deleted and it says will be deleted. So it seems it is only a cosmetic thing. Also I have the option (trash can button) to delete other users.

I don't care in that particular case, but it seems something there is b0rken.

This is how it looks:

Never mind the red arrow.

!Friendica Support #Friendica @utzer
Hello !Friendica Support, quick question regarding the nickname.

Can the #Friendica nickname be changed?

In /help I see:


A nickname is used to generate web addresses for many of your personal pages, and is also treated like an email address when establishing communications with others. Due to the way that the nickname is used, it has some limitations. It must contain only US-ASCII text characters and numbers, and must also start with a text character. It also must be unique on this system. This is used in many places to identify your account, and once set it cannot be changed.

So this is still correct, right?
Strange preview in one of my posts.

After I saw the preview I edited the post, on one hand to see if the post really contained a link to the previewed page, on the other hand because it contained a misspelled word.

After editing I saw this:

The square is an empty iframe it seems:

Also something seems wrong with the cookies we use, so soon it seems these cookies will be blocked, then staying logged in will not be possible anymore... maybe...

!Friendica Support #Friendica
I just updated the #Friendica server to the latest stable build, there should not be any changes as it was only an update from the release candidate to the today release stable version of Friendica 2021.01.

As always, please let me know if you spot any problems.

!Support Forum
!Friendica Support is there still a working way to embed Twitter/Nitter links in #Friendica so there is a preview shown? Do I need to change some setting or use some special bb code?
Hello !Friendica Support,

Registration on my server is open by approval. However, at the moment it is not possible not to approve the registration, because unfortunately nothing happens when I press the Deny button on the /admin/users/pending page. The contact remains in the list.

Friendica 'Red Hot Poker' 2020.12-rc - 1384, PHP 7.4.13

#friendica #rc #bug
ActivityPub für WordPress

Ich hatte es im Januar 2019 schon einmal erwähnt: Ich arbeite gerade an einem ActivityPub Plugin für WordPress. Da ich das ganze in meiner Freizeit mache, hat das auch seine Zeit gedauert, aber gerade ist es in einem ganz stabilen Zustand… immerhin funktioniert es mit den meisten bekannten Plattformen:
  • Socialhome
  • Misskey
  • Pleroma
  • HubZilla
  • Mastodon
  • pixelfed
Es gibt zwar immer noch ’ne Menge zu tun, aber immerhin kann man:
  • dem eigenen Blog-Profil (Author-URL) auf Mastodon & Co. folgen
  • Blog-Posts werden mit den Followern geteilt
  • Kommentare auf Mastodon & Co. landen wieder im Blog
Ihr könnt das Plugin über oder GitHub installieren.

Wer Ideen hat oder Hilfe braucht, findet mich (immer mal wieder) im SocialHub von

Ich bin gespannt auf euer Feedback!

#activitypub #fediverse #friendica #hubzilla #mastodon #misskey #pixelfed #pleroma #socialhome #wordpress
@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier Well .. my nickname is already included twice ...... I opened a actually unused #friendica account somewhere, just called "hackbyte (friendica neu)" (friendica new) ....... and even that funnily got incorporated in his actual target list........ ;)
Sure, it's #OpenSource. Sorry it does not work well with #Friendica yet, I am using it primarily with #Mastodon and a bit #Pixelfed. But it's still in development so there is a chance, Friendica support will be improved.
🤔 I would go for pull requests instead of a fork. 😉
Someone should program a nice app for #Friendica, at least a web app, or pickup #DiCa or #Friendiqa maybe.
Hello !Friendica Support,
Can someone tell my why the matrix room names are broken on Friendica, but are fine in the source post on Mastodon?
The post here on Friendica and here on Mastodon and compare the matrix room names on one the name are broken, some part is missing. Is this some strange bug?

Sehr cool.. #Guppe will #Gruppen ins #Fediversum bringen. #Friendica kennst ja bereits die #Foren. Das Beste - die Gruppen werden in Friendica korrekt als Forum angezeigt.

Despite server block posts have arrived

Content warning: Hello !Friendica Support, i have blocked the server, nevertheless i receive posts from this server that contain hashtags that i follow. I think that this behavior is a #bug. When I block a server, I don't want to receive posts from it. #Friendi

My #Friendica server has about 120 user accounts that are not mine. 3 days ago I ran the Friendica Cleanup script for the first time. I changed some things in it to only notify people but don't delete any accounts.

It sent 66 notifications, meaning 66 accounts of that 120 did not login within the last 6 months. Since then on of the notified users logged in again in order to keep the account, as explained in the email.

On my server the active accounts within the last month were 15%, according to The Federation.

!Friendica Support Hello Noam,

Currently #notifications for #likes and shares are quite subtle / ambiguous on #Friendica imho, but you should see a bright number on the home house icon, and they’ll be listed and mixed here :

Message Queue

Content warning: Hello !Friendica Support, after deleting about 20 to 30 old messages, the message queue has grown extremely and this delays the delivery of new messages by a few hours. * Message Queue 2491 - 16976 Take a look at this conversation in the Admin Forum: http


Content warning: Hello !Friendica Admins, I deleted some old messages and now the message queue is very very long. I will wait and see how long it takes until it is cleared. #friendica #messagequeue

Found this post of @Iron Bug, maybe it is of interest for anyone here at !Friendica Support ?

@Friendica Support @Libranet Support
Dear friends, is there a way, when you activate 2FA, for you to avoid inserting the 2FA code each time you log in through the mobile site?
Post expiry and cleanup of #Friendica really has to be improved. I mean it has to be easier to set up.
My personal Friendica server (5 news accounts) currently uses about 60GB of storage, 32GB out of this is photos (items storage on disk).

!Friendica Support
Why is there many of those tasks in the queue?
31656996 	wall-new: 5177364: 179: 	2020-12-15 17:39:26 	30
31656997 	wall-new: 5177364: 179: 	2020-12-15 17:39:26 	30
31657414 	wall-new: 5177502: 179: 	2020-12-15 17:45:38 	30
31657415 	wall-new: 5177502: 179: 	2020-12-15 17:45:38 	30

!Friendica Support @utzer #Friendica
I have problem with the worker in the current development branch.

First let me say I only have this problem on one of my two Friendica servers, the one with Apache, but that might not be related. The other one runs on Nginx.
I now know, that I have to either reboot or restart mariadb, restarting the deamon does not help (ie. stopping and starting it again), restarting php-fpm or httpd does also not help. At least not restarting these alone.
So what I do is:
systemctl restart httpd.service php-fpm.service mariadb.service friendicadaemon.service

I confirmed that the daemon was running before by daemon.php status, also when I stopped it the returned info was Worker daemon process 471544 was killed..

As soon as I ran systemctl restart httpd.service php-fpm.service mariadb.service friendicadaemon.service I can see many worker processes, before there were none.

Any of the developers interested to get information to trouble shoot this? Let me know what to do the next time this happens or how to exclude a server problem first.

!Friendica Support #Friendica
Je me demande quel serais les répercutions sur le fediverse, si quelqu’un de très connu, comme une célébrité, venait à migrer de Twitter/Facebook vers un des réseaux fédéré. Est-ce que les serveurs des instances seraient capables de supporter la charge du nombre de nouveaux utilisateurs dans les jours qui suivrons et de contenu généré ?
Mais surtout est-ce que les utilisateurs non initié, serais suffisamment guidé pour comprendre comment ça fonctionne, ou comment trouver l'instance qui lui convient ?
I wonder what would be the repercussions on the fediverse, if someone very well known, like a celebrity, would migrate from Twitter/Facebook to one of federated social networks. Would the servers of the instances be able to support the load of the number of new users in the following days and of the generated content?
But above all would the uninitiated users be guided enough to understand how it works, or how to find the right instance for them?

#fedi #fediverse #federation #misskey #mastodon #pleroma #diaspora #friendica #pixelfed and other...
Pour ceux que ça intéresse, j'ai mis la configuration #kustomize de mon cluster #k3s que j'ai nommé Carrot qui s'appuie sur le serveur BDD qui se nomme Mango :)
#kubernetes #friendica #ttrss #wallabag #wikijs
I just updated the #Friendica version of to the latest pre release version. You'll find lots of new features. Have fun exploring.

Database Cleanup

Hello @Friendica Support,

how can I check if the database cleanup works even if I have enabled database cleanup in the settings? My Databas is growing and growing an i do not know, why.

#friendica #database
Interessant für alle Betreiber von #Friendica #Mastodon #Diaspora o.ä. Instanzen.
Social-Media-Plattform-Betreiber darf in Nutzungsbedingungen neben dem Verbot strafbarer und rechtswidriger Inhalte auch das Teilen von sog. Hassnachrichten („Hassrede“) untersagen

OLG Hamm, Beschluss vom 15.09.2020, 29 U 6/20
Cet après-midi dernière étape de la migration Scaleway =] Hetzner (k3s) : #friendica
je garde le plus gros morceau pour la fin : #friendica ;-)
Hey @Bromley kelvin murphy, welcome to #Friendica, have fun here. Let me know if there is and question of problem.
Hint: Write a first post with some #tags in it, tag the things you like, that are important in your life. This way others will find you and welcome you in the #Fediverse.
Also after writing click on the tags yourself and read react to some posts it shows, but also follow the tags (press on the plus on the top right).
Looking forward to reading you.
#PHP 8 released. 🎉

#Friendica with PHP 8 when? 🙂
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