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Warten auf die nächste Ladung Touristen

#Foto, #Süden, #Berberaffe auf dem Felsen von #Gibraltar
#Foto #Süden #Berberaffe #Gibraltar Foto Süden

@Stefan Münz I have several books and a CD on learning Greek which I return to every so often. Problem is that in Cyprus they have a heavy accent which is not always understood on mainland Greece but I do know enough to be able to flatter the pretty Greek waitresses

My 13 year old granddaughter had the opportunity to learn German, French or Spanish but as her other grandmother has a villa in Spain ,Spanish was her choice.

Wow, Greek is not that easy. I tried to learn some basics long ago but forgot the most of it. At least I'm able to read and pronounce it (slowly :-)
I've been to the mainland, to Peleponnes and to several Cycladic islands and Crete, but never had the idea to visit Cyprus, because of the political conflicts there. So give my regards to the waitress ;-)