Then, the best way is to use none of these all.
valid points, all but like in medicine, if you want to cure a disease or help the patient so they no longer have the issue that keeps bring them to be seen. you must get to the root of it because if not then all your doing is treating the symptoms and not the issue.
same goes here, what is the root of the topic?

this is a movie quote on where i see the problem lies

Star Trek: First Contact 1996
LILY: Borg? It sounds Swedish. ...How big is this ship?
PICARD: There are twenty-four decks. Almost seven hundred metres long.
LILY: It took me six months to scrounge up enough titanium just to build a four-metre cockpit. ...How much did this thing cost?
PICARD: The economics of the future are somewhat different. ...You see, money doesn't exist in the twenty-fourth century.
LILY: No money! That means you don't get paid.
PICARD: The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. ...We work to better ourselves ...and the rest of humanity. Actually we're rather like yourself and Doctor Cochrane.
well the main reason why people dont want to know is because
1) there is only 24 hours in a day and when, to keep your job to pay bills, you do the work of 2 or 3 or 4 other people because they are no longer there and since that is not enough you take your work home "to finish it"
2) plenty have families so you try to get in some family time, of course once you finish the work of 2 or 3 or 4 people for your boss and job
3) so with what little time you might have left, you dont want details on news or anything but instead you want the LOL version. to which means dont bother to type laughing out loud instead cut it down to LOL. so people get so little actual information that corporate now just easily only provides what it feels is "most need to know" to which is really nothing at all but they make it sound like your getting the "big picture" but in reality its only mere snippettes of the whole picture
4) something to think on is this, so if money is so "needed" for society then what makes u.s. dollar better then the canadian dollar? or the japanese yen better then india currency? or euro better then peru currency? the status quo that is labeled as the 'backbone" of civilization is a scam
on the murder bit, for decades after the u.s. government of richard nixon and the u.s. cia put chile under the rule of pinchet, a dictator because the people elected a left open government. he was in power for decades and in that time, plenty of "good men" as president just turned a blind eye to it. so once again, keep the status quo going and this is and the murder you speak on, will be normal every day happenings
Some guy who invaded the Capitol had on a "Pinochet wasn't wrong" shirt. Apparently they like death camps as well
that i did not know, thank you for enlightening me on that. i posted abit ago on how bad things are just within the u.s. military when a general of high ranking brings up martial law, well when one of the killed capital storming rioters, was 14 years in the u.s. air force and had high level clearance. it only shows how worthless and corrupt and pathetic the u.s. military is and even worse is, i did 10+ years in naval medicine and probably served with many like that and never knew it.
to which then makes me wonder how many are in positions right now?
i was going to post this but i will say it here.
just because things are "back to normal" as by status quo standards, how many within the likes of pentagon, dod, cia, fbi, nsa, etc, etc, etc. are just going to "poison pill" things?
I would hate to be in the military right now with the possibility of fighting against your own countrymen. I'm sure some would have to fight against what they believe in. I would rather see a peaceful resolution, even if it means breaking apart.
I'm not sure I understand the logic of destroying the thing that you are trying to take over. There doesn't seem to be any end game here besides destruction.
All you care about is censorship and withholding inconvenient information. The owner of this account has blocked me again to prevent me from replying, he deleted all comments. Of course, such criticism from your resource colony is very disadvantageous to you, such criticism is bad for collecting donations for "freedom"
stampeding - when it happens i am prepared for it, they made their choice as i have made mine own. do i think i will have to deal with friends i made while on active duty? those i was close with it is very doubtful, id like to think i understood them well enough but for those i worked with at the commands i was at, it will be sad but i wont hesitate or have second thoughts on it
@David Robertson I don't demand anybody live by my rules, but other people want me to live by theirs. I'm tired of walking on eggshells around certain people anymore. There is so much hate in this world, and it's unfortunate. This situation is too much like 1984. People are being radicalized just watching the mainstream news. There's no consoling both sides at this point anymore. I just don't get it. Trump didn't do anything against the LGBT community, yet they hate him. He isn't doing anything against certain groups, yet they hate them and vote for the people who suppress the marginalized communities. Orange Man Bad at all costs.
Good thing nobody reads anymore... They make for interesting reading.