utzer friendica (AP)
We're always hiring #electrical engineers, it does not matter where you're based, our business is worldwide and you don't need to move to #Switzerland

Are an electrical #engineer in the field of #powergeneration, distribution, #controlsystems, #converters or #protection, get in touch with me.
utzer friendica (AP)
To explain a bit better, we are an #engineering company that hires experts, some of us have qualifications that are really scarce, our customers are world leaders in their field and we deliver expertise and knowhow, not just workforce.
utzer friendica (AP)
@Meph was ist denn das für ein Fach, gibt es nen Ingenieur für Elektronik? Wenn es was mit Strom, also hunderte A und mehr ist, dann immer her damit.
Falsche Richtung. uA. Da bewege ich mich. Silizium und so.

Ja sicher gibt es Ing für Elektronik. Aber selbst das wäre nicht so ganz treffend.