Oh, bloody great, #linuxfoundation deleted all the past articles in #linuxdotcom which revealed #microsoft attacks on #gnu #linux e.g. "Commentary: SCO's Tapestry of Lies"
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It's like in 1984 when they change history.
That's what's wrong:
An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 200
Debugging information follows.
Path: /web/20190811180421/
StatusText: OK
CustomMessage: The response failed verification so will not be processed.
And then the site pretends to be loading, and the browser apparently concurs, but no content streams in (says netstat).
loads alright for me. look i use the command line all the time, ive got 4 terms open right now on 3 virtual desktops, plus one vt logged in.

open a browser, turn off js, and it should load. theres nice pretty css, the entire article is there, copy the text and paste it into cat >> linuxcomtext and be happy. normally i care a great deal about command line workflows. for this, its just being silly. the archive of the article isnt broken-- the website that the article is from, is broken.
Ok, without JS it worked. Thx!
glad it worked, cheers. Many thanks for the link and the tip. As has @Birne Helene said, I could not load it at first. won't stay around for long in this current form; people who used to read it for news find that it's too much Microsoft and monopoly spam. So there's no point to it....
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I know: "The GitHub Register"!