Here's something for everyone to consider.

We need to organize here and get to work. On January 20th, we all need to be ready with emails written discussing all of these topics that need addressing, ready to send. On Jan 21, we must begin a constant bombardment of all congresscritters discussing what we want. A dozen different emails to 600 congresscritters, and repeat every few days. Plus regular phone calls to your own rep and senators.

Biden appears to moving in the right direction, but Congress needs a lot of poking with a cattle prod set to maximum jolt.

Waddya say?
@greggtaylor Thank you. I think you understand what I'm getting at. By "organize" I don't mean to form an organization in the traditional sense. Organizations are easy to ignore. I'm talking about individual action. I'm not talking about a petition kind of thing where one message arrives saying that 500,000 people signed this petition. I'm talking about 500,000 emails from 500,000 different email accounts landing in a senator's box.

It sounds like you understand exactly what I'm driving at. How to do it is a question. As you point out, it does take an investment of time and effort, not just a couple of clicks.

How to get people to do this and invest the effort is not clear to me.
@V. T. Eric Layton Thank you. Good info. I commented in your repost.
@hackbyte We're going to need all the luck we can get. As I pointed out in another thread, I heard a US GOP politician giving a speech. He said to the crowd, "This is just the beginning of our movement, and there are 75 million of us."
@Doc Edward Morbius Agreed. At present I'm writing a list of topics to write letters about. Later, I'll sort the list by importance and start wordsmithing.

In the meantime, I'm thinking about what style of writing to use. Clearly, the style of writing that I WANT to use is not acceptable and won't win hearts and minds. It has to be reasoned and strongly persuasive -- I think.
@Doc Edward Morbius Been busy here. Thanksgiving break is nearly over and gearing up for work.

Great list.

The only one I had on my list that's not specifically on yours is addressing the damage done to the USPS as quickly as possible.

Preventing it in the future falls under your political corruption and dysfunction category.

Trump has been a great lesson. As far as I know, he's the first sociopathic president we've ever had. The founders likely assumed that voters across the country would never be so stupid to elect someone like Trump, and if they did, they deserve what they get. But in 1785, the idea of mass media and organized manipulation of people across the country was a non-concept. It was impossible given the technology of the time.

So, today, we are faced with a very sticky problem. How do we solidly identify a president who is bent on destroying the country and then act on it? This is an extremely difficult problem. "Hey, Tom (Jefferson), we need to borrow your brain for a minute, or a few weeks."

Again, excellent list.
@Doc Edward Morbius Oh yeah! US corporations have trillions stashed overseas so they don't have to pay tax on it. That used to be illegal. Imagine how much cash the IRS would collect if we let them operate like they used to in the 1960s. It's mind-boggling.

"Good morning, Mr. Cook. This is Robert Hill with the Internal Revenue Service. I gather you've discovered that all of your corporate bank accounts are frozen."
"Yes. This will ruin our business! Cost us billions!"
"No, it won't. How about we have a little chat. Can I get an appointment with you, please?"