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"Ultimately, eliminating antibiotics in the rest of the meat supply chain will require real changes in the way conventional farming works. Furthermore, the problem of antibiotic resistance is only one of many negative consequences of the factory farming system. Factory farms are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollution, and deforestation; and from a moral standpoint, the quality of life for animals raised in factory farming conditions is shockingly poor.

Antibiotics provide a window into the deep problems in the animal agriculture system that produces the majority of our meat. The current model is broken. At the same time, the progress in reducing medically important antibiotics in the chicken industry over just a few years sheds light on the potential for change. When consumers demand more responsibly raised meat, the market will respond.

Power to drive change comes in several forms. Consumers can vote with their dollars every time they purchase food that is safe, nutritious, sustainable and transparent. Purchasing food from companies that are working to support these values will help create a food system which prioritizes health and sustainability. Health and environmental advocacy groups voice concerns on behalf of consumers and communities, helping to drive policy change. Investors in food companies also have the ability to weigh in on the risks of poor company policies through engaging with the companies they own and voting in favor of resolutions requesting healthier, less harmful practices. When all of these advocates work toward a common goal, a better food system seems possible."
If we want antibiotics to work, consumers have to put big pressure on factory farms

NationofChange: If we want antibiotics to work, consumers have to put big pressure on factory farms - NationofChange (Christy Spees)

WeraWelt diaspora
In the slurry of the animals the antibiotics are too.
The farmer brings the antibiotic-slurry on the fields....
It run in the rivers and so on.
No animal needs antibiotics when it has enough place and a live without pressure!
No one want the pressure of the animals but the agrarindustrials and farmers don't stop it!
Go vegan! The animals say: thank you 🐖🐄🐂🐏🐇🦃🐔🐣🐋🐟🐙🦀🐝