The sarcasm is strong in this one...
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ceterum censeo carthaginem esse delendam

says NWO. Hail NWO!
Look the estimation about human share of CO2 is about 3%.
The total share of CO2 is 0.037%.
The 3% from 0.037% is 0.00111%.( I made small mistake above!)
The total share of industry is about 0.0000222%.
This is very simple.
Ants emit more CO2 than humans, just because the biomass of ants is bigger than the biomass of humans.
Eliminating all industry wouldn't change a lot in human share.
Eliminating all humanity wouldn't change nothing in human share.
Just because the freed human habitats would be filled by other animals.
The decisive factor about the atmospheric CO2 is not the emission by animals, but the interaction between the oceans and the atmosphere, depending on total temperature level.
The additional energy for more evaporation and more CO2 comes by the weakening of the ozone layer, which cannot absorb the UVB as it did formerly.
The question should be who or what is reducing the ozone layer?
The material involved is well known. It is Chloride.
How can so much Chloride reach altitudes of 20 to 30km?