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Wisdom from our ancestors as well.

Sort of reverse necromancy. Don't like it

About traditions: is internet a tradition of our revered ancestors? Shouldn't we instead of write alone facing a screen, to speak around a bonfire? why are you only opting on "this" or "that"? why not having both?

I'm don't feel alone writing here, I'm speaking with people and friends on another timescale than with the one I meet around a fire, (or a beer)

There are "this" tradition and "that" tradition. I'm sure "tradition" hasn't the same meaning for me and for budovonstahl

the fact is the last time i sat with friends around a bonfire, i was the only one looking the night better than his phone
So i suppose you're right, but i'm not sure we take "the best of each world"

We are all products of traditions whether we like it or not. In my opinion childhood brainwashing, culture religion etc, s absorbed so early in life it is practically impossible to reverse, too much emotional attachment. Yes it is very hard to get rid of the things from the past....I was lucky that religion was not such a big deal in my home I flitter from religion to religion until I settled on one, then 30 years after being a good one I just walked away from the whole idea of religions.....feeling cheated of my time and efforts on practicing religion ....since I married out side of my culture it has been rather easy to not adhere to any traditions.....weird feeling at times.