Not surprised in the least bit.

Use youtube wrappers whenever you can, / etc. youtube will not be around forever, vimeo, dailymotion and other video hosting is too profitable of a market for more better competition not to wipe youtube off the top slot
Hah... meant to just say better, not more better... also, you can put the link in as a watermark in an image, That might be effective.
Can you comment on those? That's a huge draw for me, the interaction and informing people about the Federation.
That's an idea, but you can't post pictures in youtube comments.
I've been typing Fediverse d0t party. If that's too much work for people than oh well 😂😂😂
Tried to post an IMGBB link with a screenshot of the Federation main page, AND IT WAS BLOCKED
ahimsa diaspora
Is there a source I can quote for this? I'm collecting a portfolio of evidence to try and make the case for my friend circle of why to switch to decentralization.
ahimsa diaspora
hmmm this seems like an interview about a new blockchain application...have there been any audits of youtube for removing content linking to decentralized networks?
You asked for a source for my screenshot, it's the comment section of that video.
Sorry I can't screenshot things that have been deleted, not sure what you mean by source?
Nah it's just a front-end for youtube ( blocks tracking / ads / lets you directly access the media file )

that's such a pain in the butt though. Does a url shortner work?Are all fediverse links blocked, e.g. That's some bullshit, but I am not shocked. Good luck bud
Haven't tried an URL shortener, I would think that would kind of detract from the message and lead people to think it was spam. Just my opinion.

I'm writing an email to Jimmy Dore right now and explaining the Federation and all the benefits that it has. He is talking about a blockchain social media platform that hasn't even been released yet called panquake, like it's some magical solution that doesn't already exist. I really don't think anybody has told him about the Federation yet.
ahimsa diaspora
ah I understand. I meant rather if there was an audit done, or if extensive research had been performed in the area, as the comments section can be unreliable.
ahimsa diaspora
but if it's happening to you personally, then that's messed up.
Ha, I'd sure like to know! Don't think so, haven't heard about any audits being done on Youtube. Unless it was directed by Congress they wouldn't comply.
I'd like to know what links that they are actively blocking. Because I know that they are not blocking links like Vimeo.
It's happening to other people too, so it's in the filter list.
ahimsa diaspora
if we do not document the occurrences, then we have no proof. do you have screenshots of the posts? then we can organize a test to see if it's a certain user base, or as you say in the filter list.
I'm also interested in reproducing and documenting this, maybe drawing some attention to it on tech forums...
I do not have a google or youtube account, but I would help support your efforts and try to garnish more attention to it. It's very abusive for youtube to block competitors like this, besides unethical, it might be violating some antitrust laws.
ahimsa diaspora
The video I posted above contains python code for writing scripts to audit :)