Make #love not #CO2

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You are repeating the implemented fake knowledge about climate change and CO2 @linus. As the NLP of your mind is done by suggestive programming, you don't even realize the mind control.

Let me tell You clearly,
there are no climate gases,
there is no greenhouse effect in the atmosphere,
there is no global warming.

What we really have is ClimateControl, also named Climate Geoengineering, which results on Climate Change.

Under Climate Control measures the photosynthesis by plants is weakened. That is the reason why the level of CO2 in same areas is increasing and that of O2 is decreasing. In marine biospheres the level of O2 becomes so low in water and above it sea level, that trillions of animals die by suffocation.

Whenever too much CO2 remains in air, it is always by prevented photosynthesis.

So You should care more about the decreasing level of O2, because you need it like any other animal creature for breathing.

If You really want to know the background, please start reading following articles.

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

In German - Horizontale Verschiebung von Temperatur und Wasser, natürlich und durch Klimakontrolle!

Climatecontrol is real & results in #climatechange !
1960, #CIA Memorandum on #ClimateControl!

#FAQ about #CO2!
What's more likely:

120 000 studied scientists worldwide, professors, engineers, technicians, academics are all wrong and cannot calculate.
And of course, hundreds of millions of people worldwide are brainwashed.


People do not want to change & are looking for conspiracy theories to justify their stupid behaviour.
Don't tell me how many so called scientists etc.
When Galileo Galilei told about the solar-centric system, in Europe he was nearly alone, because the implemented "consensus" was earth-centric.
The case of climate control for geophysical warfare is officially documented and well understandable.
The distraction scheme also is well documented and began in 1965 by the study for President Lyndon B. Johnson. You can download read all that from official websites. It is not a secret.

The documents are linked in the following articles:

Climatecontrol is real & results in climatechange !
1960, CIA Memorandum on ClimateControl!

How the Geoengineering Scam began in 1965 by turning Geophysical Warfare into "Protection of Environment"! LBJ, JFK!
"Restoring the Quality of Our Environment!"
You need to read the FAQ about CO2 and "Vertical Shift of ..."
Everything is explained there and here this one:


There is no heating by CO2 at all. CO2 is one of the least reactive gases in the atmosphere. Before a single photon can touch a CO2 molecule, there are 99,66 % other gases which are much better reacting to radiation.

In simulation of higher levels of CO2 in greenhouses leads to cooling because CO2 cannot absorb the radiation.

The marine symbiosis of life is cut by too much UVB or to low common sunlight onto the algae, followed by mass death of corals and all the other marine life. The proof about the suffocation is here:

#Oxygen deprivation! #Global #suffocation!

No #acidification!
For the price of less than 10 litters of fuel, you can cleanup the CO2 mess you have released in the atmosphere in the past.

The first practical system offered to Humanity by Keshe Foundation in solving the global warming due to release of too much CO2 in the Earth atmosphere.

The first hands-on participation by all members of the human race in making the earth a safear place for the future generation by removing the extra CO2 from each personal environment.

The CO2 cleanup system which you can see the collected CO2 in the new form of plasma of matter unknown to scientific world up to the present time.

The only system, which allows you to use the collected CO2 to produce more and free energy without adding to the global warming.
The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture KIT [DIY]:
Keshe is a fraudster.
who you supporting, really? ;) inhuman manipulators, obviously. in their best interests if Keshe will failed. but so far he opened up more hearts and waked up lots of people around planet.
but brainless sheeples (exactly like you) still saying baaaaaaaaaa...... cause they was very well trained (to not use their own brains and always repeat they heard on tv or other 'sources'). good luck. tik-tak, tik-tak.. time is almost over. please don't tell me later how wrong you was, i don't wanna heard that. ty.
ps: i was here to support you. but all you did in return is just shit on me. how human is what? good luck.
@anonymiss, by the way... i not agree with statement "Make love not CO2", cause even simple logic saying if you making more love you will create more co2 in process, its obvious ;)) so somehow this statement is silly and not making any sense. muzzle on face can not stop producing co2 by humans even too.
I don't need support from victims of Keshe, the fraudster.
Keshe offered to all the idiots with fake-knowledge and fake-hope his own fake-promises. That is the way how fraud always works.