What is remarkable is that Huxley and his ilk have been announcing the program for decades, without any risk since no one in their right mind could take such a mean and inhumane program seriously, and yet it is taking place before our very eyes....
1984 was written by Huxley as a literary argument with Orwell's Brave New World. It was not an 'announcement', and it was meant as a warning that Britain could as easily go the way Soviet Russia and the Iron Curtain countries were, that it could lose its Democratic Socialism to a more authoritarian Tory Regime if Churchill returned to power, in light of the actions that Churchill had had carried out some horrific actions near the end of the war on the populations of other countries (such as the mass killings in Greece etc by returning weapons and some political power to previous Nazis against socialists).

Britain had a short lived Socialist oriented government after the war, before Churchill and the Tories retook power (they set up the beginnings of the NHS and had a large public housing drive to help house the many people displaced by the war destruction in the country, as well as the refugees who did not want to go home to countries now under control of the USSR/Russia).

Understanding the literature in the context of the history of the time is important to understand its meaning. Huxley was not part of some grand scheme to help bring about a future totalitarian, he was warning what the future could become based on the now he lived in.
The author of 1984 was George Orwell. Wrote it in 1948.
And Huxley wrote 'Brave New World' - ah sometimes, guess we humans make mistakes hey!! ;P
@Joseph Teller You got ya authors mixed up my lovely!!
Un mundo feliz es una increíble premonición, como 1984, pero publicada veinte años antes, en 1929.
Given his brother's opinions, we can assume that Huxley's book is between the warning and the announcement. At best he revealed to the general public what was being said in closed circles in the hope that the public would be able to read between the lines.
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