Concrete: the most destructive material on #Earth


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I have always been more in favour of the abstract.
David diaspora
CaCO~3~ -> CaO + CO~2~
CaCO~3~ is limestone. CaO is quicklime.
CaO + H~2~O -> Ca(OH)~2~
Ca(OH)~2~ is slaked lime.
Ca(OH)~2~ + CO~2~ -> CaCO~3~ + H~2~O
The CO~2~ is reabsorbed as the concrete "cures."

The ancient Romans made and built with concrete. It's not a modern invention.

Also, concrete takes much less time to cure (months) than bogs take to create new petroleum and natural gas (hundreds of thousands of years), once again sequestering the CO~2~.

A huge amount of land now is paved over or covered by buildings. This is an environmental problem that is not discussed often enough, I think.

High rise buildings are terribly energy inefficient, and, without expensive, energy-hungry HVAC systems, uninhabitable.

I would say that construction of tall buildings and smooth paved roads suitable for high-speed automobile traffic is a bigger problem than concrete, per se.
Like I said.