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Anyway - it is fun, that this meme use questionable nazi mythes for promote your science of previous millennium.

Although, on the other hand, it's no surprise. Nazis cannot spread directly their propaganda (because allegedly Nazism has been defeated)... That is why progressive Western "anti-Nazi" activists are now promoting Nazi hoaxes.
The Nazi doctor Josef Mengele is responsible for the astonishing number of twins in a small Brazilian town, an Argentine historian has claimed.
The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics
Nasty Nazis and Extreme Americans: Cloning, Eugenics, and the Exchange of National Signifiers in Contemporary Science Fiction Exchange of National Signifiers in Contemporary Science Fiction
NASA’s Secret Nazis
Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Fri, 27 Sep 2019 16:46:25 +0300
The Russian Orthodox priest is blessing astronaut Jessica Meir from USA by holy water before the journey to the #ISS

“I suspect we will have to pass Russian customs when we finally reach the moon”
#christianity #documents #hoax #holywater #infosec #nasa #orthodoxy #property #religion #revision #ritual #space #technology #timespace
In 1952, a German scientist predicted the name “Elon” would be associated with the colonization of Mars

I was born on the winning side, but that’s how i get taken.
Were you born in the USSR?

Bild/FotoThéophile wrote the following post Sat, 11 May 2019 10:52:56 +0300

sondage : quel pays a le plus contribué à vaincre l'Allemagne nazie en 1945
source : IFOP

#sondage #USA #URSS #Russie #LesCrises
#allemagne #germany #hoax #metaprogramming #nazi #uk #usa #ussr

Oh, you must mean you were born where the public relations were invented and where many of Nazis was hidden.

Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Sat, 11 May 2019 11:35:40 +0300
Secret History: The U.S. Supported and Inspired the Nazis
The CIA’s Worst-Kept Secret: Newly Declassified Files Confirm United States Collaboration with Nazis
More Americans Supported Hitler Than You May Think. Here's Why One Expert Thinks That History Isn't Better Known
How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power
The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics

I'm part of the German division of the Jewish-Bolshevik World Conspiracy.
If consider this information:
*Heinrich Marx was born in Saarlouis, with the name Herschel Levi, the son of Marx Levy Mordechai (1743–1804) and Eva Lwow (1753–1823). Heinrich Marx's father was the rabbi of Trier, a role which his older brother would later assume.
[1]An 1812 edict, unenforced by the French, asserted that Jews could not occupy legal positions or state offices, and Prussian enforcement of the law led to trouble for Heinrich Marx.
[1]In 1815 Heinrich Marx began work as an attorney, in 1819 moving his family to a ten-room property near the Roman Porta Nigra archway.*
Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Tue, 01 Jan 2019 17:09:48 +0300
Porta Nigra (lat. Porta Nigra - "black gate") — the largest and most well-preserved Ancient Gates in the world.
Порта Нигра (лат. Porta Nigra — «чёрные ворота») — самые большие и наиболее хорошо сохранившиеся античные ворота во всём мире.
Trier, on the Moselle River, and Augusta Raurica just across the Rhine River from Germany in Switzerland, are two of the best-preserved and most important Roman cities, much more than provincial posts ("Ancient Rome’s German, Swiss legacy preserved")
Трир, на реке Мозель, и Августа Раурика по реке Рейн от Германии в Швейцарию, являются двумя из наиболее хорошо сохранившихся и наиболее важных римских городов, гораздо больше, чем провинциальные посты. ("Ancient Rome’s German, Swiss legacy preserved")
The city of Trier, located at 10km north-east of Luxembourg.
Город Трир, расположен в 10км к северо-востоку от Люксембурга.
Римский Трир был заново изобретен почти с нуля в первой половине 19-го века, как раз в то время, когда Карл Маркс рос в его древних стенах. (Трир — это родина Карла Маркса).
Roman Trier was reinvented almost from scratch in the first half of the 19th century, at exactly the time when Karl Marx was growing up within its ancient walls. (Trier is the birthplace of Karl Marx).
Today we often identify artifacts with the period when they were made. In more traditional cultures, however, such objects as pictures, effigies, and buildings were valued not as much for their chronological age as for their perceived links to the remote origins of religions, nations, monasteries, and families. As a result, Christopher Wood argues, premodern Germans tended not to distinguish between older buildings and their newer replacements, or between ancient icons and more recent forgeries.
Сегодня мы часто отождествляем артефакты с периодом, когда они были сделаны. Однако в более традиционных культурах, такие объекты как картины, изображения и здания, ценились не столько за их хронологический возраст, сколько за их предполагаемые связи с происхождением религий, наций, монастырей и семей. В результате, как утверждает Кристофер Вуд, немецкие тенденции премодерна не имели склонности определять различия между более старыми зданиями и их более новыми заменами, или же между древними иконами и более поздними подделками.
But Wood shows that over the course of the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, emerging replication technologies—such as woodcut, copper engraving, and movable type—altered the relationship between artifacts and time. Mechanization highlighted the artifice, materials, and individual authorship necessary to create an object, calling into question the replica’s ability to represent a history that was not its own. Meanwhile, print catalyzed the new discipline of archaeological scholarship, which began to draw sharp distinctions between true and false claims about the past. Ultimately, as forged replicas lost their value as historical evidence, they found a new identity as the intentionally fictional image-making we have come to understand as art.
Но Вуд показывает, что в течение пятнадцатого и начала шестнадцатого веков появляющиеся технологии репликации, такие как гравюра на дереве, гравировка на меди и подвижный шрифт, успешно изменяли связь между артефактами и временем. Механизация выдвинула на первый план выдумку, материалы и отдельное авторство, необходимые для создания объекта, ставя под сомнение способность реплики представлять общественную историю, которая не была его персональной. Между тем, печать стимулировала новую дисциплину археологической науки, которая стала проводить резкие различия между истинными и ложными утверждениями о прошлом. В конечном счете, поскольку поддельные копии потеряли свою ценность как историческое свидетельство, они нашли новую идентичность, как намеренно вымышленное создание изображений, которое мы стали понимать как искусство.
From The University Of Chicago press release.
Из пресс релиза Университета Чикаго.
ODD# I(e)/5,v;1Chs3185
#odd #allemagne #ancient #calibration #erisian #german #history #hoax #luxembourg #metaprogramming #marxism #revision #roman #swiss #timespace #science

It looks like hoax.
I'm part of the German division of the Jewish-Bolshevik World Conspiracy.
That makes me a Jew, a Bolshevik and a German.
I think you're primarily German, like the one who developed Marxism.
Germans are traditionally prone to deception.
I think you're an ordinary German who tried to deceive me and others to justify your privileges over others.
Over the past year i've been in contact with people from all over the world, and i'll say that only the Germans i've been in contact with are trying to demonstrate their superiority over the other person without exception. They use deception, insults, sophistry, censorship and other tricks to create a virtual appearance of superiority over others. As my Jewish friends explained to me, it's a form of Chutzpe peculiar to Germans for last centuries. Germans usually try to show as fools anyone who disagrees with Deutsche Ordnung. Probably, they try to declare that their Social Darwiinist values are a sign of the übermenschliche intelligenz.
Looks like you're no different than your fellow countrymen, @(((Till)))

Hey Ivan, do you know the nazis never disappeared but were evacuated by sovietic flying saucers and now live on the other side of the flat earth?
Most part of the Nazies was evacuated by CIA to California according to official documents:
Some of Nazies was hidden in South America (like famous nazi "scientist" Mengele) according to declassified documents:
All this stuff about aliens and flying saucers was designed to hide the little-known book about Nazi-Zionist collaboration, that was published 1981cc:
Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Sat, 19 Oct 2019 09:00:33 +0300

oblast 51 tajné spisy
Belarus 2,290,000 25.3%
Poland 6,000,000 17.22%
Ukraine 6,850,000 16.3%
Russia 13,950,000 12.7%
Greece 807,000 11.17%
Yugoslavia 1,700,000 10.97%
Germany 7,400,000 8.86%
Паспрабуйце знайсці 51 дакумента:

Spróbuj znaleźć 51 dokumentów:

Προσπαθήστε να βρείτε 51 έγγραφα:

Versuchen Sie, 51 Dokumente zu finden:

Каб выйсці з сакрэтнай зоны ЗША, неабходна задаць пытанне на англійскай мове.
Aby opuścić tajną strefę USA, musisz zadać pytanie w języku angielskim.
Για να φύγετε από τη μυστική ζώνη των ΗΠΑ, πρέπει να κάνετε μια ερώτηση στα αγγλικά.
Um den geheimen Bereich der USA zu verlassen, müssen Sie eine Frage auf Englisch stellen.

United States 419,400 0.32%

ODD# I(e)/3,v;73Brc3185

#documents #europe #erisian #holiday #hoax #infosec #metaprogramming #kabbalah #nazi #nazism #odd #past #revision #timespace #ufo #usa #war #zion #zionism
Consumers of Hollywood mass products believes in all this UFO-alien stuff.

@Christoph S
Ah yes the Ivan Zalax troll
It is you are the troll. I am not.

I ready to answer for any of my words. I do not hide my real identity. Why you are called me troll?

Because you are the collaborator of this guys regarding vaccination?

Or because you try to promote Western neocolonialism regarding Kyoto Protocol promotion?
Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Wed, 14 Aug 2019 18:29:31 +0300

Earlier, the West used this colonial manipulation immediately after the collapse of the USSR:
The consequences of this treaty: Western Europe has outsourced its harmful and environmentally unfriendly production to the East.
After the report on the state and environmental protection of the Russian Federation, Yasnaya Polyana was included in the list of settlements most affected by air pollution with various harmful substances.
Shchekinoazot, which is known to produce urea-formaldehyde concentrate, was concerned about pollution data that appeared in the media.
According to some reports, the degree of air pollution with formaldehyde in Yasnaya Polyana has exceeded 20 times the limit of its maximum permissible concentration.
Yasnaya Polyana is the place where i was born. This example from my personal experience.
The USA advertised this Kyoto protocol most of all and was its initiator, but as a result the USA declined ratification of it, because the US scientists demonstrated to public that there are no scientific justifications for this:

The next year, this treaty expires, the term of the Western artificial limitation of the industrial development of developing countries under the guise of "caring for nature" ends (i hope my example about farmaldehyde in Yasnaya Polyana clearly showed how the West takes care of its ecology). It seems that the next stage of this neocolonial undertaking is being prepared.
Kyoto Protocol extended to 2020 to fight climate change
Published: 12:00am, 9 Dec, 2012
According to independent researchers, the Rockefeller family took a major part in lobbying the Kyoto Protocol:
What is important, however, is to acknowledge the role of the Rockefeller family –which historically was the architect of “Big Oil”– in supporting the Climate Change debate as well as the funding of scientists, environmentalists and NGOs involved in grassroots activism against “Big Oil” and the fossil fuel industry.
Apparently, many Western youth environmental initiatives, widely covered by the media, are also not without the support of the Rockefeller charitable organizations, since their activities began to be covered just before the deadline for the Kyoto Protocol. The materials of independent researchers confirm this:

The US Congress deprived the Rockefeller family of profits from oil production. Therefore, they acquired deposits of rare earth elements in the Western colonies. Rare earth elements are necessary for the functioning of renewable energy sources, for which this environmental campaign was started. Most of the resources needed for renewable energy are concentrated in Africa. Often, child slave labor is used in mines, so that progressive Western consumers can refuse coal and oil in favor of "clean" energy.
Last year, 70 percent of the world’s cobalt came from the DRC, a country that has been a target of widespread criticism for its labor practices, such as using children as young as six to work in cobalt mines.

#fridaysforfuture #climatechange #wemustact #bethechange #vegan #janegoodall #cleanenergy #earth #care #futuregenerations #whatsyourexcuse #dontwait #cowspiracy #worktogether #actnow #thegreenhousesparetreat
#capitalism #climatecrisis #climatechange #climatestrike #europe #fridaysforfuture #ecology #environment #greta #gretathunberg #hoax #infosec #metaprogramming #colonialism #cryptocolonialism #neocolonialism #2020cc

Please explain if you are responsible for your words.


This reminds me of Bill Nye ... "The Bogus Science Guy"

#hoax #phony #deception


Hoaxes, hoaxes, false flags and more!

#rofl #humor #fun #lol #hoax #FalseFlag #Iran #war #israel #jews #jew #MiddleEast #neocons #neolibs


Hoaxes, hoaxes, false flags and more!

#rofl #humor #fun #lol #hoax #FalseFlag #Iran #war #israel #jews #jew #MiddleEast #neocons #neolibs

Bild/Fotoivan zlax wrote the following post Sun, 15 Feb 2015 11:19:00 +0300

flat earth society
I watched the livejournal post “Another Korea of Eun” about North Korea, where there was a range of technological advances North Koreans, not as usual, about their problems.
Noticed one of the photos:
where the North Korean satellite hovering over not spherical earth. Somewhere i have already seen it. I racked my brain and remembered:
This earth model according to Hindu, Chinese, and Native American mythology.

And if that’s true, last year’s news about the North Korean cosmonaut been uttered in the sun, doesn’t look that fantastic.

From all this i concluded that North Korea is a social experiment:
– there is no division into hemispheres of the New and the Old world;
– the official cosmology without rotation of astronomical objects in orbits.

Materials on the subject:
News about the flight to the sun
Wikipedia’s World Turtle
Vkontakte group of believers in that model

ODD# V(a)/3,i;46Chs3181
#odd #hoax #asia #northkorea #erisian #timespace #conspiracy #revision
original post@wp

Fantastic new social network... Join me and make your nightmares come true

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