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Shutdown, week eleven, lost

#climateemergency #climatestrike #cologne #fridaysforfuture #leavenoonebehind #socialmedia

Were at the end of the eleventh week of social distancing now, restrictions are easing, and the borders should reopen in two weeks. It could be a time to celebrate, but its not. The institutionalized racism in the West has again led to one more death. Someone caught the murder on video, which is causing Continue reading Shutdown, week eleven, lost
Shutdown, week eleven, lost
Dank an alle Aktivisten gestern bei #Datteln4!

#FridaysForFuture #EndeGelaende #XR #Klimakrise

Today, Germany (one of the richest countries of the world that was once called a „climate pioneer“) is opening a new coal power plant. In 2020, in the midst of the climate crisis. What the hell. We are determined shut it down again. And we will. #StoppDatteln4

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Do I deserve a healthy planet? Yes I do. Why are adults polluting it?
Strike until they listen.
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Super Schildermeer am Heldenplatz heute! #FridaysForFuture sind kreativ wie eh und je, schön, euch wieder "live" zu sehen
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Das Coronavirus ist nicht das Ende von #FridaysForFuture!

Wir sind wieder auf der Straße und wir sind viele!

Nach einer Coronapause hat sich @hannover4future mit einer #Fahrraddemo zurückgemeldet!
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Heute fand das österreichweite
Schildermeer statt

Auch in Salzburg waren
wir wieder richtig laut! #FridaysForFuture #SchildermeerFürsKlima #Klimakrise #coronavirus
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COVID-19 is a Global crisis so is Global Warming.Climate Action Must Be Taken
Save our planet
#ClimateStrikeOnline #Fridaysforfuture
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Week 12 #climatestrikeonline & #digitalstrike

Our governments are using COVID-19 to distract people from the increase of deforestation & extraction of crude oil which will further add to the climate crisis.

We cannot let this happen! #Climatejustice #ActNow #fridaysforfuture
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It’s International Day for Biological Diversity today, so let’s take a minute to reflect on how important biodiversity is!

#FridaysForFuture #BiodiversityDay
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Millions are displaced and don't have a home to go back to. 84 dead and counting. Recurring weather extremities is directly linked to the climate crisis. We need climate action!
#CycloneAmphan #FridaysForFuture
@Fridays4future @gretathunberg
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Heute demonstrieren wir trotz aller Umstände und mit Personenbegrenzung auf dem Gänsemarkt. We are unstoppable, another world is possible! #FridaysForFuture
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#FridaysForFuture week 37 in Sydney, Australia
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Our #CampForFuture has been up for 2 weeks now and there still hasn’t been a reaction from Austrian chancellor @sebastiankurz.
How much longer until you listen?

#FridaysForFuture demands that economic stimuli packages be based on the Paris Agreement prevent #ClimateBreakdown
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Week 56
Climate strike online
Citizens strike from home to Save forests amidst the Covid19 lockdown.
Ministry of environment has/ about to cleared huge deforestation proposed for several projects
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A liveable worldnow and a safe future!

This is not too much to ask for.

We can all be part of the solution.

Treegrowing and climate education has been my focus through @GGI_Kenya.

#ClimateStrikeOnline week 22! Stay safe. @fff_digital #FridaysForFuture @350 @gretathunberg
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Tomorrow Friday, the Swiss #FridaysForFuture #Klimastreik is waking up the people by a climate alarm at 11.59 and a whole day of climate challenges for everyone incl. 12 hours radio and webinars.
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#FridaysForFuture Austria is holding a one week #CampForFuture in front of our Federal Chancellery. Young people, rightfully afraid for their future, are forced to literally camp outside a government building to make their voices heard. It‘s our future - we need to have a say!
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Digital Strike.
Citizens strike from home for Climate Action and to demand to Save our forests...
We can't rest and put on hold this Climate movement (1/4)
@Fridays4future @fff_digital
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Week 33 #ClimateStrikeOnline #schoolstrike4climate #FridaysForFuture #StayHome from Kampala, Uganda.

Today I decided to post a picture of my first climate strike. We have come from far and we are not giving up.

Our voices need to be heard and listened to. @Fridays4future
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Week 26: #FridaysForFuture
This week's theme is #NoForestNoFuture, but I just stuck with my Congo sign, because this is the second largest rainforest in the world, and is facing its own specific problems which might not fit under a broad hashtag.
Day 183: #SaveCongoRainforest
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Almost 50% of the earth's original forest cover is GONE!

Much of it destroyed within the past 3 decades!

We can STOP deforestation! Help me get this message across the world!

Today my #ClimateStrikeOnline is dedicated to #SaveOurForests.@350 @gretathunberg #FridaysForFuture
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Irgendwie war demonstrieren vor Corona schöner. Aber Hauptsache ist, dass wir zumindest in kleiner Besetzung wieder gemeinsam fürs #Klima auf die Straße gehen können. #FridaysForFuture

Heute: Vor 8 Monaten:
Danke #FridaysForFuture #EndeGelaende #XR

#Klimakrise #Halle

Die haben heute zwei kleine Corona-sichere Menschenketten organisiert, eine mit, und eine mit Beide liefen erfolgreich, und es war gut, auch auf der Straße präsent zu sein. #FightEveryCrisis #ClimateCrisis
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Our commitment is unshakeable. #FridaysForFuture movement is unstoppable. These are some of the climate strikes in Uganda today. #ClimateStrikeOnline @NakabuyeHildaF
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Digital strike week 66.

Today is Workers Day and this is as good a day as any to remind you that we need a just transition towards a sustainable economy so that the working class are not left behind. #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrikeOnline
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Today we have no excuse for not knowing much or doing much about the #ClimateCrisis!

No one is healthy when planet earth is sick!#ActNow!@Fridays4future @gretathunberg @350 #ClimateStrikeOnline #LaborDay #schoolstrike4climate #FridaysForFuture
Happy #LabourDay2020!#staysafe
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Week 63
Iowa City Climate Strike
Two sides of the same sign:
Climate plan versus climate denial.
Planting our future now.
#GlobalClimateStrike #DefendTheDefenders
#ClimateStrikeOnline #FridaysForFuture
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Today we strike demanding political actions to face the ecological crisis. After #Covid_19 we cannot get back to the same normality.

#EarthStrike #FightEveryCrisis
@SDGaction #FridaysForFuture
@MYWorldMexico @Fridays4future #AcciónClimática #AcciónXODS #HuelgaPorLaTierra
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Feeling empowered! #GreaterSudbury
1st Big #FridaysForFuture online rally.
#COVID19 & #ClimateEmergency
All 4 local MPs an MPP’s + our 2 senators were on the call.
Media too @Sudburystar & @sudburydot
#DefendTheDefenders #Canada #ClimateStrikeOnline #EarthDay2020
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School strike week 88.
Today we had planned a global climate strike with millions taking part. But in an emergency you have to adapt and change your behaviour.
The climate crisis is still ongoing and we must fight every crisis.
#climatestrikeonline #StayAtHome #fridaysforfuture
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Today is the day! The global school strike for climate is now #DigitalStrike! #ClimateActionNow
Please keep social distances and stay safe, also keep our planet safe. #FFFbd #FridaysForFuture #SchoolStrike4Climate #StayAtHomeSaveLives
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Our global climate strike in the farm.
Our solution to climate change is planting and taking care of trees
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