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Week 19: #FridaysForFuture Weekly strikes - #ClimateStrikeOnline #DigitalStrike #PollutersOut
Day 134: #SaveCongoRainforest
@gretathunberg @vanessa_vash @Fridays4future @fff_digital @pollutersout @AnunaDe @AlexandriaV2005 @Luisamneubauer @Remy_Zahiga @AnnaKernahan

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Week 16: #FridaysForFuture
Day 113: #SaveCongoRainforest (although I didn't have that sign)
With @gretathunberg in Bristol!
Although I didn't get to meet her...

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World is on fire

World is burning

What does it take you to see and take ACTION NOW?

Week 19 #ClimateStrike #FridayForFuture & Day 60 #SaveCongoRainforest #twotreesaweek
Giving up is no option!
@Fridays4future @gretathunberg @vanessa_vash @TheRiseUpMovem1 @ElmGrace @NolanQ13

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Day 71: #SaveCongoRainforest
Week 11: #FridaysForFuture
Month 7: #climatestrike (with others)
@gretathunberg @Luisamneubauer
@vanessa_vash @e_thunter @_carbontiptoes @edwinNamakanga @mulindwa_guy @PatsyIP4 @OwlBlk @Dexsupertramp @damenmaureen15 @KaoHua3 @Remy_Zahiga

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School strike Week 54 #SaveCongoRainforest strike Day 76
I was joined by l #Africanactivists ie Chris and Trevor from Uganda

They asked me why the world doesn't listen to their cries for climate justice

The #RiseUpMovement is changing that story this year! @gretathunberg

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WEEK 25 .The most important reason behind such frequent and devastating wildfires is climate crisis.On todays #fridaysforfuture school strike, I explained my friends the correlation between the two @gretathunberg @FridaysTurkey #AustraliaIsOnFire #SaveCongoRainforest

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DAY 25 Strike to #SaveCongoRainForest

WEEK 45 #climatestrike #FridaysForFuture

I joined the climate activists in Nigeria like @the_ecofeminist
@Greenpeace @gretathunberg @Jamie_Margolin @europeangreens @350

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If you do one thing this #Friday then please support #FridaysForFuture activist @vanessa_vash in her fight to #SaveCongoRainForest by signing this petition @gretathunberg @Fridays4future @ExtinctionR @ThisIsZeroHour @sunrisemvmt

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I have been striking to #savecongorainforest for 15 days now from Uganda. I have not been able to get it to be talked about in the news sadly. Any help is welcome.

Today I strike against the 1,000km gas Pipeline that Russia is planning to construct in Congo